• Today the dead will wake up and go to vote 

  • With the help of Dominion and mail-in voting, McAuliffe might be able to squeak out a win in a ‘very close’ election.

    Possibly the poll workers could once again be of some benefit to McAuliffe as they count the votes.

    Youngkin will have to get 90% of the vote to have any chance of winning, and that might not even be enough.


  • He needs to be soundly defeated

    • He needs to be in PRISON along with his BFFs Hillary and “Slick Willy”.

  • Idiot this people are the ones who pay your salary alone with every employee on education departments 

  • Really?  I would say you're school boards were never "fine". 

  • Sure....until the truth came out!

  • A real Jackass!

  • What an idiot; know better than the fools inside the beltway; only difference is he just hasn't crossed the highway yet


  • You really neen to be an idiot to vote for this scum bag. If he wins I hope the so called REP have a lawyer ready.

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