• Folks it seems to us that the Democrats are MANIPULATING The People to retain power in government. We all just need to look see what Biden and his cabinet have done to our great Country. By the way Bidens cabinet is the same as dirt bag Obama had. Thay are getting ready to hit us with the NWO, by the way they are printing money, high food prices, gas , shutting down the pipe lines, open boarders on & on. Biden and company are leading America to the end. Thay are afraid now b/c people are catching on to what the're doing and they can't loose power, just can not trust them, The real Democrats left in the 1960s and the socialist, communist are the new democrats. Must vote them out, and bring President Trump back to The White House.

  • All these people are owned and will only say what they are allowed to.

  • The Republicans are as useless as tits on a boar hog... literally, all but a very small group are entirely useless.  In fact, they are WORSE than Democrats because they hide their true intent and lie to their constituents about wanting to reform the government.  The Democrats no longer hide who they are.  They are out front with their Marxist views and socialist programs... proudly strutting their programs to transfer the wealth of America to the third world and their leaderships pockets.

  • Maybe, but you can count Republicans with balls on your fingers.  Or maybe those are just the Republicans who believe in anything except just getting rich.  Throw out all incumbents.  

  • Since when do Democrats care about Police who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Such Hypocrisy!

    • Since they find it more convenient to talk about anything except their latest scam to loot the American taxpayer while lining the pockets of their friends in Big Pharma... 

  • Yeah you tell me is it because it's all a scam on the American people and they work together 

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