Maxine Waters is hit by nepotism storm

maxine waters

California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters is in hot water after it was revealed that she paid her daughter more than $80,000 in campaign funds during the last fiscal year, which ended on September 30.

According to financial disclosure records reviewed by, the House Financial Services Committee chairwoman paid her daughter, Karen Waters, $81,650 in campaign funds.

The total was paid in 12 installments from October 23, 2020 through June 17, 2021.

More than $212,600 in payments were broken down into 26 entries, such as 'slate mailer management' fees, and 'GOTV' - the acronym for a campaign's 'get out the vote' efforts.  

It was previously reported by FOX News that Waters paid Karen $74,000 for this year so far, up until September.

The revelation comes 17 years after the Los Angeles Times first revealed that Waters paid her family over $1 million for their campaign efforts, and now the Democratic representative is facing renewed calls of nepotism.

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  • did the daughter pay any taxes on that money

  • But her in jail

  • What the Democratic voters won't do for a free cell phone, or is it a flat screen TV now.  

  • Sooo, If everyone is robbing the bank, who will be the whistleblower?

  • This is why we need Term Limits. People cannot be trusted with power but for a very short term. "In God We Trust" not people in government. 


  • Something stinks in our Country and I do believe it's coming from Washington DC....How in hell did she ever get elected? She' brain dead!!!

    • Same with the rest of the Democrats & RINOS. Our elections have been slanted left since the 70's. We need :

      Term limits.
      Line veto.
      Adhesion to our Constitution.
      Adhesion to their oath o& office.


    • Blame it on her brain dead supporters.


  • Is she not being investigated because other congresspeople and Senators are guilty of the same thing.   Term limits are badly needed.  



    • Agree totally.  What is also needed is a ban on the lying campaign ads the left (and left wing organizations) put out.  They call it freedom of speech - I call it lying through their teeth.


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