• Yeah.........and if this happens.....mad maxie should be put into jail and charged with insurrection as well.   With our seeing this from maxie....and to remember the left saying that Trump was the architect of the Capital riots.......Geeeezee......this freak of a woman needs to be the one that is shut-up.

  • What a useless person!

  • So let me get this right.  Trump was responsible for the Jan 6, 2021 riot inside the Capital.  Now we have a black congresswoman from California, speaking to a black crown in Minn, and she is preaching insurrection and deadly rioting.  OK, I get it.  The question is, why is she still in Congress and not in front of a judge?

  • she is unbelievable, and no one arrests her for her horrid ideas! a congresswoman  inciting violence!

    • I listened to a lawyer state that what Maxine Waters said does not meet the legal definition required for charging her with " inciting violence."

      It doesn't?

      Then what kind of action was she attempting to arouse?  Assembling peacefully and protesting in kind?  

      This lawyer represents some of the convoluted upside down horse sh-t  that makes a mockery of our judicial system. And lawyers are the critters pulled from the pool to become judges in our courts.

      I wonder why Chief Justice Roberts is so ridiculous.

    • The modern version of law takes the view that laws are arbitrary judgments that must be tailored to the situation... situational ethics being the fundamental principle in the courts today.  Settled law doesn't exist and justice is never absolute... it must be viewed thru the lens of equity and social norming... inclusive generational and social constructs that vary from culture to culture..making absolutes in law unjust ... all laws must now be tempered with Judicial discretion... in other words arbitrary judgment.

    • Is that the same manner in which the 10 Commandments should be viewed?  Apparently so. In large part it is. 

      I wonder why it is thought that our judicial system is premised on God's Law?  It clearly is not.  Our brand of Justice makes little sense. And the result is often confusing. By the way, who is really behind the confusion anyway?  No wonder our government is incompetent.


    • Arbitrary and capricious administration of the law is what one gets when men, not God, underwrite society's laws. We are no longer a Christian Nation nor do we have Christian institutions of education or true Christian leadership in the government ... or the courts.  We are living in the last days, when men will be lovers of pleasure more than of God, heady, highminded, intemperate, backbiters and liars... deceiving and being deceived, evil men will only wax worse as time comes to a close...

      Satan is the author of confusion not -God and our courts are certainly confused... to the point that they are unable to determine male from female, a patriot from terrorist, a citizen from alien and they trip over simply English phrases like: 'shall not be infringed, or 'shall make no law' or 'No person except a natural-born citizen... the legal profession confuse who the Constitution was written for and to whom it applies; giving illegal aliens citizenship rights and protections not afforded them in the language of the Constitution.  The COurts and the Legal profession have become corrupted and the Pettitfoggers of today serve another form of justice than our forefathers served.   

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