• George Floyd died tragically while being arrested for passing a $20 counterfeit bill. Few are aware of George Floyd’s Criminal Past Record/Arrest Timeline for armed robbery, pointing a gun at a pregnant woman, and being involved in cocaine/white bag/baggie charges. What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd. The media will not air this.  Floyd moved to Minneapolis from Houston, Texas after serving 5 years for a 1st-degree felony. Floyd left Texas and a long list of violent crime and robbery behind.

    George Floyd Criminal Record

    George Floyd Convictions & Criminal Career

    In 2009, George Floyd was arrested for a 1st-degree felony, assault, and armed robbery that he took part in.  He spent five years in prison for breaking into a lady’s house with the intent to rob her. According to Daily Mail (UK), the court record identified George as placing a pistol against the victim's stomach. 

    Did George Floyd Have Drugs In His System During Autopsy? What is Fentanyl?

    Hennepin County medical examiners released the toxicology report on June 2nd, 2020 which stated that George Floyd was indeed intoxicated with Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, and traces of cannabinoids and morphine at the time of his death.  Floyd has an extensive criminal past related to the drug trade and use.

    The Toxicology Report indicated a lethal dose of Fentanyl was in Floyd's blood along with Meth, Cocaine, and TCH.  Fentanyl is extremely dangerous and is reported to be 80 to 200 times as potent as morphine and has a rapid onset of action.  It has been reported that Floyd may have swallowed Meth and Fentanyl baggies just prior to the police arriving in order to hide his possession of these controlled substances. 

    Read the Hennepin County’s Official Biopsy Report on George Floyd –

    Floyd suffered from severe heart disease and high blood pressure... Dr. Gregory David, a medical examiner with Jefferson County, Alabama said “He has underlying conditions,” which meant he would not do well to stress or the lethal levels of drugs in his system.

    George Floyd Baggie: Cocaine Arrests Record

    George Floyd’s criminal record includes 5 convictions related to theft, possession, and sales of coke. Floyd was arrested five times in 20 years, his last cocaine arrest dates back from 2005... however, his use was obviously a problem and reported in the official toxicology report.  Geroge has 11 felony convictions for drug use and sales, along with crimes of violence and theft.  He is what anyone would career criminal.

    George was convicted of a firearm robbery in August 1998 for which he served 10 months at Harris County Jail. In April 2002, Floyd was condemned to 30 days of prison for trespassing private property.


    • I got into a bit of a disagreement with someone recently who said that floyd's tox report showed he had next to no drugs at all in his system when he died.  Your post, and many, many others I've read previously say just the opposite, and I tend to go with those.  The fool was no saint, to be sure!  I just don't know who/what to believe.  If he did have a boatload of fentanyl in him, he was dead long before the cops showed up, unless he ate them all just as they pulled up, which could be as well.  I clearly heard him say, "I ate a lot of drugs, man" on the video they played at the trial (even though the witness "couldn't make it out").  Well, he was also a known liar (floyd), so he may have been lying.  Where did this other person get the info that the tox report showed miniscule amounts of drugs in his system?  Did someone say that at the trial?  If they did, they must have been lying to sway things to a murder charge for Chauvin.  I wish someone would come out with the real TRUTH on this, not that it's going to make a damn bit of difference to blm/panti-fa after the verdict is in.  They're all juiced up and ready to go for more riots, burning, looting and maiming/killing. grrr

    • The Following taken from NPR news report... See: Medical Examiner's Autopsy Reveals George Floyd Had Positive Test F...    NPR is hardly conservative.  Check out the link to Autopsy Report in body.

      "A full autopsy report on George Floyd, the man who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police last month, reveals that he was positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The 20-page report also indicates that Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death, although the drugs are not listed as the cause.

      In video taken by bystanders, Floyd, 46, is shown repeatedly pleading that he cannot breathe as he is held down with a knee on his neck by former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, with three other officers present. The incident has sparked nationwide — and even worldwide — protests.

      Floyd's death has been ruled a homicide.

      The autopsy report from Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office concludes the cause of death was "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression." That conclusion, death due to heart failure, differs from the one reached by an independent examiner hired by the Floyd family; that report listed the cause of death as "asphyxiation from sustained pressure."

       This medical examiner's report does not mention asphyxiation. However, according to prosecutors, in charging documents filed last week, early results "revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation."

      The medical examiner's report also details blunt-force injuries to the skin of Floyd's head, face and upper lip, as well as the shoulders, hands and elbows and bruising of the wrists consistent with handcuffs.

      Signed by Dr. Andrew M. Baker, it says Floyd had tested positive for the novel coronavirus on April 3. A post-mortem nasal swab confirmed that diagnosis. The report notes that because a positive result for coronavirus can persist for weeks after the disease has resolved, "the result most likely reflects asymptomatic but persistent ... positivity from previous infection."

      In addition to fentanyl and methamphetamine, the toxicology report from the autopsy showed that Floyd also had cannabinoids in his system when he died.

      Medical Examiner's Autopsy Reveals George Floyd Had Positive Test For Coronavirus
      The 20-page report released Wednesday shows that Floyd tested positive for the virus in early April. It also confirmed fentanyl and methamphetamine i…"  end of quotes to NPR story
      My comments: 
      All of the links to Floyd's autopsy and toxicology reports have been disabled... someone doesn't want the truth out.  I  posted the link to the official autopsy earlier and copies of the summary/cover sheet showing the cause of death as heart failure.  The private autopsy was used to secure a 27 million dollar settlement on a lawsuit... for that kind of money, there certainly should be a Doctor willing to bend the findings...
      Medical Examiner's Autopsy Reveals George Floyd Had Positive Test For Coronavirus
      The 20-page report released Wednesday shows that Floyd tested positive for the virus in early April. It also confirmed fentanyl and methamphetamine i…
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