• You don't need to wear a mask. You never needed to wear a mask. Anyone still wearing a mask is part of the problem. The mask is considered a medical device, and no one can force you to a medical procedure without your consent. STOP SUBMITTING!!

    Of course, no one needs the poision jab either. If you do absolutely nothing, and get the China covid flu, you have a 99.98% chance of recovery. 

    The governments of the world are totally corrupt and should be given the middle finger and do the exact opposite of what they say.

    WE THE PEOPLE, the ones with the 600,000,000 million firearms, make the rules. Not the traitorous dirtbags in government

    • The worst people are the ones wearing a  mask while driving alone in a car . Or even having a face shield on protecting them from the BIG BAD BOGGIEMAN.

    • Exactly!!!  Only the SICK need to be wearing masks!!  This is all part of the left's plan to keep people afraid and in their control!!

  • and Dont Use their Words anymore! WOKENESS? What the heck is that?

    • "Wokeness" is the opposite of independent thinking.  AKA mob mentality.

  • The Vaccine is not a vaccine. They have lied about everything concerning this fake Pandemic. This so called vaccine is actually an Experimental Gene Therapy. They are using the sheep as Guinea Pigs

  • Cuomo is a nobody.  He is not my daddy, my mommie, he is a nobody. I do not wear a mask and never will.  If someone does not like it, tough.  With a 99.7% survival rate, why would I wear a mask?  But I sure am glad we have found a cure for the Flu.  They must have as we do not have any Flu today.  Go figure.

    • Gov. Whitmer of Michigan says,

      Flu case are way down because people have been wearing masks, but

      Covid cases are way up because people aren't wearing their masks.

      Hope this accurately describes life in MI



    • The convid virus kills the flu virus.

  • What is disgusting to me is all the sheeple that went for all of this in the first place. It al started on 9 11 when we allowed them to feel us up in order to get on an airplane & to look at our bodies naked all in the guise of it is for our safety. Ya right

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