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The American Conservative Union (ACU) – which hosts the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – took a six figure donation from a leading left-wing fund for the purposes of “civil rights, social action, advocacy,” according to the fund’s financial records dated 2020, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

The New Venture Fund, whose mission statement revolves around “Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Commitment,” issued a cash grant of $183,250 to the ACU, run by Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, in 2020. The fund is known for its work supporting anti-Trump, anti-conservative initiatives.

Screen-Shot-2022-03-08-at-12.01.01-PM-1.png 800w, 1160w, 480w" alt="acu nvf 2" width="1414" height="448" /> SCHLAPP’S CASH FROM THE LEFT.

The ACU refused to comment when approached by The National Pulse. The full 990 can be read here.

The New Venture Fund was started in 2006 and ungirds much of the political left’s activities in America today. It’s President, Lee Bodner, is a former managing director of Arabella Advisors, which even the Atlantic magazine described as a “Massive Progressive Dark-Money Group” which has targeted former President Donald Trump, his administration officials, as well as issuing over a billion dollars a year to left-wing groups and astro-turfed political operations. Bodner is also described as building “strategic partnerships with nonprofits, including the Clinton Foundation”.

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  • Drop all monetary ties now.  That will grabs their attention.  Ask them your question again adding on that a "no reply" will result in permanent dissolvement of the relationship.  If their reply is unacceptable, dissolve the relationship with immediately.  If they do not reply in a timely manner, dissolve the relationship with immediately.  Do not look back.  Announce your decision publicly with known conservative news organizations with haste.

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    HERE IS MY EMAIL MESSAGE TO MATT:   Please feel free to use or EDIT to suit your style:  

    Dear Matt, 

    I have two important question for you and am seeking your REPLY, please: 

    1. Are you aware that a SOROS (anti-Trump, anti-conservative) ORGANIZATIONThe New Venture Fund” made $183, 250 donation to the ACU in 2020?  SCREENSHOT of “The New Venture Fund” Form 990 is below in the “PS.” 

    2.  Are you planning to return that donation to “the New Venture Fund” –OR-- has it already been returned? 

    NO BLAMING going on here, BUT as an volunteer Executive Director of a national conservative/ Biblical/ Constitutional/ conservative 501c3, I would DEFINITELY RETURN money received from any SOROS organization. 

    Gratefully, your supporter, 
    Mark Matta  |  



    • I agree...the left is infiltrating the evangelical churches too to preach Marxist ideology...Methodist, Presbys and now some Baptists have fallen....soros and his whole cabal need to be charged with treason, all funds confiscated , all rounded up, sent to GITMO and let We the People and God sort them out!

    • Absolutely! Debra!


    • Absolutely, with haste and permanence!

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