• Logical, however Dems are peverted liars not objective thinkers

  • "When do acts like this reach the level of treason?"  The very moment anyone attempts to subvert the result of a national election - -it "instantly" becomes treason;  whether they succeed, or not, the very action is known as treason.  In this case, once we have the proof in hand, the guilty particapants should be arrested and charged; their willingness, or UNwillingness to reveal whom ever else is involved might, or might not lessen the severity of charges against each individual.

  • The deep state is very deep and supported by rinos and demonrats alike. There is no other way to explain this, since Trump was in the White House in 2020, the GOP controlled the Senate, and most states are run by the GOP, even states where election fraud was rampant like Georgia, Arizona, etc. So, rinos got to be in on the deep state undermining democracy in the US. We the people need to take charge again! When will we the people rise up and stop the cheap talking we are doing on websites like this one? Where are the patriots who lead the way to make America great again in the image of our President Donald J. Trump?

    • Every chance I get, I promote the principle of Sovereign Statehood being revitalized. This means the states no longer offers a lockstep benefit of doubt to their servant the Federal Government, in its' domestic policies and actions. State legislated nullification of unconstitutional federal acts within a states interior is the choke chain. But to assure a states due diligence in self-assertion, it must have its resolve in alignment to the Peoples will. State elected office holders are directly accountable to the People, and can be recalled by vote. Appointed office holders can be removed by elected office holders. The lack of a federal executive domestic army (that Obama emphatically insisted would manifest) leaves the federal actions dependent on states assistance.

      We the People own the state governments directly. Without their compliance, the disobedient Federal servant of the States cannot act outside Constitutional purview.

      Not without risking an armed uprising.

    • You assume that (state) elections are fair and that the deep state, rinos, and demonrats don't manipulate the outcome as they did in 2020. The principle of Sovereign Statehood won't do a thing if we the people can't even trust rinos.

    • The Peoples role is to continually monitor and correct their state public servants.

      That is part of the "price of freedom is constant vigilance" thing.

      So no, I do not assume that any election is nessesarily clean. 

      That blind benefit of doubt greatly assisted the 2020 fraud, right?

      But only through States rights can a renegade federal government

      be checked, short of armed resistance.

      As the disobedient federal government pretends to uphold due-process,

      our due-process participation will eventually zero out contrary actors, unless they themselves breach due-process.

      Then it is armed conflict anyway.

      And one should never trust any office holders that say one thing, but do another.

  • Democrats ignored the Constitution & put in power an illegimate President & Vice President, neither was elected by the people or the electorial College. This is Treason but instead of doing something about it We are being told to accept it so now we have a #coup AMERICA IS IN DEEP TROUBLE.

    • Helen, the Electoral Colleges results were certified 'as-is' by the joint Legislature. That is the Constitutional final word on the Presidential election result. But the People must know that the actual certified results are identical to their will. That is why election investigations must always be carried out, if reasonable doubts are raised. The Joke President, Joe Biden, does occupy the White House. But the due-process faith, trust, and confidence in his election victory, his political mandate to serve, must be gutted if fraudulent, to create a power vacuum for the states to fill through their proper role.

      In 2016, Clinton supporters could not assert Sovereign State dissent due to fraud, because Donald Trump did take the 2016 election by due-process legitimacy (and because it contradicts NWO ambitions by empowering the states). The whole 'Never Trump' actions protesting a 'stolen' 2016 election, were an anticipated activist deflection of what they actually did to the future Trump 2020 win.

      Interesting, huh?

  • Sedition at least!

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