President Donald Trump announced that evidence of alleged election fraud will be presented on Jan. 6 during the Joint Session of Congress.

“Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th. We won, BIG!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

It comes as Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and about 40 House GOP lawmakers have announced they would challenge the Electoral College votes during the Jan. 6 Joint Session of Congress due to alleged fraud and irregularities during the Nov. 3 election. The challenge could lead to several hours of debate during the session.

The challenge is supported by Trump, who, in recent weeks, has met with House lawmakers, including its chief sponsor Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), at the White House.

Trump’s adviser, Jason Miller, told Newsmax earlier in the week that the team is aiming to present more evidence.

“We will have a chance in front of the American people, next week to present these cases, all these evidences of fraud,” Miller said, pointing to a lawsuit filed by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) against Vice President Mike Pence earlier this week to prevent him from confirming Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Pence’s lawyers with the Department of Justice later said Pence isn’t the person who should face a lawsuit, arguing that Gohmert should have sued Congress.

If Hawley and the other lawmakers challenge a state’s Electoral College votes, Trump’s campaign will make their presentation. The challenge requires a senator and a representative to carry out.

Miller pointed to law changes regarding mail-in ballots in Wisconsin and other states, “suitcases of ballots” in Georgia being wheeled out late at night on Nov. 3 in Atlanta’s State Farm Center, and officials in Michigan and Arizona allegedly blocking them from inspecting voting systems. State election officials in those states have denied claims from the Trump team and third-parties.

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  • The Deep State Kakistocrats will ignore all evidence and STEAM ROLL US LIKE THEY'VE BEEN DOING!!!!

    • Call me naive, but I continue to have some faith that decent people will prevail.

  • We don't need more evidence of fraud and a rigged election... we need indictments and the SCOTUS to act on the existing evidence... too, rule the election was stolen by fraud and to render it void... which would mean none of the Candidates has 270 electoral votes ... which then throws the election into the House of Representatives for a simple majority vote... with each state delegation having only 1 vote... 26 votes to become the next President. 

    SCOTUS can rule that all of the electors are tainted and the fraud so great that they are all disqualified... leaving the election of our next President in the hands of Congress and the House of Representatives per the 12th Amendment.  Pres, Trump would be the favorite in a House vote... In the new Congress, Republicans will have the advantage with 27 of the state delegations in their control– a candidate needs 26 votes to win the White House.  Pres. Trump should be the next President if the GOP doesn't go rogue.

  • There are about 10 Republican Senators who will do what Josh Hawley is going to do along with the representatives from Congress but it won't be enough.  Why the other senators can't get their heads in the right place and stand up for President Trump pretty obvious -  especially since he has stood for all of them, raised money for them, and tried to help them get elected.  I wish they'd wake up, and it's all I can do to keep my mouth shut about the sniveling, Evil, yellow-spined so-and-so's. I will say I believe a lot of the corruption in DC can be found among that bunch, too.  That's what keeps them silent.

    • One Representative and one Senator is all that is needed at this point.  

      Over 150 are now standing up.   I daresay, they've met the requirement to challenge

    • most of the gop is owned by the same globalist billionaires that own the devildemocommiecrats.  If Trump gets back in they fear their TREASON will be exposed.  There are very few that will stand with Trump and We the People!!!!!

    • Bob, we the people are the large majority in the United States of America and we the people stand by Trump under all circumstances. He is the man of the hour, his word is as good as gold, and we follow him through thick and thin. We leave the minority of commie demonrats and rinos behind.

      To repeat, we the people stand by each other and we are the large majority in America. If we weren't and only very few would stand with us as you say, the election would not have been rigged but we know it was. 

    • The SCOTUS should rule the November election is so tainted with fraud that none of the Electors can be assigned to any candidate... this would then throw the election into the House of Representatives where the GOP controls 27 or the 26 states need to give President Trump a second term as President.

      We don't need all the rancor and anger... we need a SCOTUS that will act appropriately to disqualify all electors due to the massive fraud that took place... throwing the election into the House of Representatives as no candidate has the requisite 270 Electors to become President.  The House must then vote by State Delegation... one vote per state delegation with 26 votes needed to become the next President.  The GOP controls 27 State Delegations being the majority Party for those House Deligations. Trump only needs 26 to win a second term.  Trump should win if the SCOTUS did their job.

  • There are already mountains of evidence as Trump has said and shown many times. Since the courts don't accept the evidence, it proves that they are corrupt and do not uphold their pledge of allegiance to the constitution or to Trump, which is one and the same in 2021. We all know that Trump speaks the truth at all times and we all know that we can trust him. 

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