• Pavlov Conditioning was no joke. Humans, just as Dogs, can be manipulated into licking the hand that beats them and biting the hand that feeds them. America ceased educating its children of this with the advent of Organized Labor in Our Public School Systems. Now Citizens respond without realization.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I've seein these faces before, when forced to March with the communists......they are mesmerized!

    the same with Hitler, you see the faces in the crowd, they are taken over by their emotions!

    it's all insanity, hypnosis if you'd like, but they are not in their right minds!

    i watched a table of six young women in a restaurant  a few days ago. All massively obese, all about 20-ish, all with masks that they were pulling up and down between bites! They were so obviously proud of themselves "doing the right thing" as Fouchi told them, they are probably all vaccinated and boosted, they all were loud calling attention to themselves, as to say look, LOOK we are doing our part, completely sold on the bull crap, while they should have been at the gym working their enormous asses off!

    • At the very least, stop eating, which isn't so easy, OBTW

  • mass indoctrination and brainwashing is the purpose of the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists!!!!!!!!!!


    I'm playing it safe and drinking anticeptic everyday to sterilize my inners! Thank you Jack Daniels for my medication. :-)

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      Don't forget to take the boosters!

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    • Cheers!

    • Probably safer than the drug store products.

    • Even, if it doesn't work who gives a damn.

  • The medical community is undergoing a serious degradation of it moral core... it has become the agent of Mammon... maximization of profit without conscience or moral restraint.

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