Normal Americans are over the masks. They are over the lockdowns. They are over the media hysteria.

Who is not “over” all of that is the radical left, which desperately wants Americans to remain paralyzed with fear and completely under the ‘lock down’ control of the Democratic Party.

A New York Times reporter has brought attention to a ‘mask burning party” on the Idaho Capitol steps.

The reaction of the left to these videos is either downright ghoulish or steeped in derision.

“Darwinsm in action,” one user tweeted. “A lot of these people are the same people who who will refuse the vaccine. Their population/communities will be culled over time due to this rejection of science. I don’t say this with malice. It’s just a fact. I feel for the innocent children.”

“This is some sick stuff right here,” another said. “Guess what else has gone down since people have been wearing masks? Flu, colds, respiratory infections. I hope one day these kids will be embarrassed by this and completely own their parents for their ignorance.”

“What the hell does the rest of the world think when they see things like this?” another added. “We look like a bunch of ignorant hicks jfc.”

“When the next virus comes, and make no mistake, there WILL be another one, and it has a higher mortality than Covid, these people will make certain that as many people as possible die from it,” another commented. “Even if the bodies start to rot in the streets. They will not give a single f***.”

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  • Mask is not going to prevent COVID-19

    • NOPE- Masks are the Bigest Problem With Covid 19 Deaths along with the excessive hand washing plust the close quartering that arrives out of shut downs and stay at home orders..! 98% of normal healthy people are able to survive the virus..! It is a flat out damned lie so the big government and the CCP Can Take Over The Citizens Of This Nation and Destroy EVERYTHING ABOUT IT- Encluding it's Founding and The US Constitution and The Bill Of Rights and etc. ..!

    • you are correct on this because when the virus started to rise China was wearing Mask and that's the reason why the United States is following China on this COVID-19 is purely evil in nature and there will be more of this coming up get ready.

    • Actually Loren, I think Jeff is onto something, because masks won't stop COVID-19 infection. Nothing will, as he says.

      It is the human immune response system that resolves the issue by adapting and overcoming the infection reactively.

      It is true that the very weak can and just might be overwhelmed, but the great risk of living is that you are prone to dying. It goes with the deal.

      Of course the unintended outcomes of mask-wearing is a hieghtened risk of infection by wearing a retaining barrier of infectious organisms being expelled by the body to be reintroduced, as you say.

      Our interactive immune system works when we get nose deep in the daily muddy, as I say!

    • Yes because COVID-19 IS PURELY EVIL and it's going to get worse this is just the beginning.

  • But now the perpetrators will be tempted to release an actual horribly virulent bioweapon for political shock, panic, and fearful backsliding.

    Certain death by violent end must be the declared intention through our loyal military or intelligence service, for criminals that would do so.

  • Funny, no lockdowns or mask mandates in South Dakota and Faci told them they would have tens of thousands in there hospitals, and the max they had in the entire state, was 600. Great job Kristi Noem. I wish every governor was like you. She said at CPAC, the governor has no legal authority to shut everything down. Let the people and businesses decide what they need to do.

  • About time people started waking up!!! More power to them

  • Thank God for freedom and rejoice.  And may we all stay healthy and the socialist crybabies perish of some insidious disease.


    • " And may we all stay healthy and the socialist crybabies perish of some insidious disease."

      But they already are. It is called political insanity.

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