Normal Americans are over the masks. They are over the lockdowns. They are over the media hysteria.

Who is not “over” all of that is the radical left, which desperately wants Americans to remain paralyzed with fear and completely under the ‘lock down’ control of the Democratic Party.

A New York Times reporter has brought attention to a ‘mask burning party” on the Idaho Capitol steps.

The reaction of the left to these videos is either downright ghoulish or steeped in derision.

“Darwinsm in action,” one user tweeted. “A lot of these people are the same people who who will refuse the vaccine. Their population/communities will be culled over time due to this rejection of science. I don’t say this with malice. It’s just a fact. I feel for the innocent children.”

“This is some sick stuff right here,” another said. “Guess what else has gone down since people have been wearing masks? Flu, colds, respiratory infections. I hope one day these kids will be embarrassed by this and completely own their parents for their ignorance.”

“What the hell does the rest of the world think when they see things like this?” another added. “We look like a bunch of ignorant hicks jfc.”

“When the next virus comes, and make no mistake, there WILL be another one, and it has a higher mortality than Covid, these people will make certain that as many people as possible die from it,” another commented. “Even if the bodies start to rot in the streets. They will not give a single f***.”

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  • This is what I call raising a kid the right way

    Tea bags or masks, both are hood good for whatever ails ya'. 

  • Mask don't do nothing to stop the virus all it does is bring fear to the people and give power to the government to control your way of life 

  • If you wear a mask and think you need it, make sure you keep an oximeter handy. Some of the masks reduce you O2 levels and don't buy any paper ones made in China. I bought some from Sams and my eyes keep watering, I sneezed all the time and thought it was just allergies. A little research & I found they use chemicals to make the masks, including Formaldehyde. You're better to use a cotton one that can be washed. I've been going to the gym and, like restaurants, the want you to wear a make coming in the door, then no one wears one when inside. Bunch of silly nonsense. Mask don't stop a 1 micron virus anyway, when they filter 3 micron particulates. Best solution, be clean, eat healthy & exercise. Get away to the mountains if you can. The air is so much cleaner up there.

  • PEOPLES immune systems have all but shutdown due to mask wearing, so the "next" strain is ONLY on those who are dumb enough to WEAR A MASK!

    BY the way, any RETARD that says flu, colds are down apparently hasn't looked at the stats. THEY STOPPED COUNTING EVERY DISEASE, except "wuhan" plandemic!

    • Sandra, seasonal colds and flus are not likely to be diminished by covid-lockdown procedures (but mild weather, yes). The conspicuous predictable but missing numbers does stand out as being reassigned to ssomewhere else. Your guess seems prudent.

      I suggest all to state in conversation, that wearing a mask except in emergency wards and around dead bodies is too unhealthy, because it inhibits the immune systems daily needed interaction through breathing, eating, and touch. Healthy people should not wear masks in typical daily life!

      Mask promoters will probably look fazed by the statement, having no way to persuade folks to take "health measures" that are unhealthy. The egotistically invested and the collectivist zealots will urge differantly, but can be discounted as kooks. The refutation can be theraputic. Sharing that benefit with extremists ought to be triggering. But do not argue. Let the self-awkwardness they will experience do the work for you.

      Love 'Em With Laughter - Bren's Blog - The CLM/ALM Blogs - CCeMagazine

  • Capitalist Mitchell, What statistics do you offer for Fauci’s solution of 2 masks and pantyhose on your head? How many particles filtered? How many lives saved from heart attacks, cancer, car accidents, old age by this method or the best mask in the world?

  • Yes, we ARE the same people who will reject the Gates Juice injections. WE are not the ones who deny what the Leftist's Agenda truly IS, and we are not the ones who ignore or try to erase history. So far as kids are concerned, the masks were the most unhealthy thing that could have been done to them.If you Liberals are TRULY concerned about Covid, why is your Fake President letting illegal immigrants enter our country without testing?!?!?!

  • Nothing but a planned coup to take down Trump and kill his best ever economy he built. They planned, plotted, even the Capital Riot was all a Hollywood filmed stunt to get him out of office. Elites, Rhinos, Communist and Socialists came together to take down Trump and steal the election. Even the sumpteme court was bought, paid and Threatened by the Elites in charge of this county. I thing we are 100 million or more (truth be told) MAGA patriots and it's time to take back our country.

  • The facts speak for themselves. We need 49 more governors like Christi Noem of South Dakota. She said on CPAC that she, as governor has no authority to shut business down, require lockdowns or tell people they must wear a mask. She said Democrat lab dog Anthony Fauci told her they would have tens of thousands of people in hospitals in her state and thousands of deaths. she had a max number 600 in hospitals all across her state. Lockdowns and criminal governors putting Covid patents in nursing homes is what drove up the numbers. It's all about controlling the sheep. If this was a test, we failed. The true way to fight an flu like issue is keep your immune system strong and wash your hands regular. Filthy people with poor hygiene habits spread all viruses. People on drugs, alcohol additions or in poor health are always the one that get sick. Living a clean, spiritual, drug free life and eating nutritious Whole Foods from nature are what will keep your immune system neatly. We need to go back to what our forefather did, by working hard, exercise, eating garden fresh food, if we want a long healthy life. Even the Rockerfellar started AMA, with their prescription medicine, doesn't ever cure anything. It's all about money. The virus, the prescription drugs, the banking systems, etc all controlled by the Rothchilds, Rockerfellers, Soros, and other elites. It time to take a stand and end their tyranny

  • Who tweeted the above comments?  These liberal tweeters should go back to school, and learn how to use sentence structing instead of wasting all of their time showing their lack of education by the language that is being tweeted. Their tweets are a joke, and are laughable.

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