An American academic has criticised Mary Poppins for projecting racial stereotypes, saying Dame Julie Andrews’s character wears “blackface” during one scene.

Writing for The New York Times, Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner – a gender studies professor at Linfield College, Oregon – sharply criticises the scene where Mary Poppins joins Dick Van Dyke’s chimneysweep Bert to dance on a rooftop. The pair both get covered in soot as the dance number “Step in Time” is performed.

Pollack-Pelzner says that, while the scene may be comic, the author of the Mary Poppins books, PL Travers, often associated chimney sweeps’ blackened faces with racial caricatures.

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  • I'm afraid the only way you can deal with these braindead, whiney people is to put them out of their misery. They are always looking to get their 5 seconds of fame.

  • 100 percent of racism is happening under liberal leadership, yet the liberals are able to project racism onto conservatives.  That's very telling, the silent majority is no more, they are too stupid to see that or they are becoming audibly screwed.
    Judging by the polls Trump will lose, I wouldn't take those polls lightly, statisticians are mostly liberals and have learned from "landslides".  Most of the country is liberal now, thanks to Trump's work with them, I realize in some ways he has to, but nowhere near to the extent that he has. He must work with them because we the people are disempowered and think our voices mean anything. Each national media reporter drowns out ten million voices with their opinions instead of reports.

    Trump is not doing himself any good by working with ultra liberals, like Dr covid fauci, or by making speeches in liberalism infested institutions like west point, and he's stabbing himself in the back with RINOs like mad dog and Bolton. And we are not doing ourselves any good by not assembling and meeting rioters head-on to do our part of going beyond support for Trump and taking our country back, away from liberalism, away from federalism and back to we the people. By implying the us of the national guard Trump has the consent of we the people but not by appearance, a virus like liberalism can be invisible but we the people should never be!

  • Heatherns rage, fools imagine vain things, some are both.

  • How long does it take to study 2 genders? This guy needs more work to do.

  • Get ready, the left has become completely unglued... it has rabidly gone off track to attack everything  White... They are pushing for a RACE war.  Look for deadly violence against White Ameria to dramatically increase.  Anticipate that the MSM  and many local law enforcement agencies to cover up the violence or too reverse its targets...  Watch as the New Media fails to report the violence and when it does to blame the White's involved.  Watch as the local police avoid arresting Black rioters and thugs for fear of personal injury or legal problems... Look for arrested Black thugs to be released and back on the street overnight.

    America is in a war whether the people and MSM want to admit it or not... and this race war is only going to get worse, if the President continues to refuse to declare martial law and to deploy the US Military... in those areas where civil order has been reduced to insurrection and domestic terrorism.

  • How stupid these people are, for goodness sake in the movie they had just shot out of the chimney, let's see him clean a chimney an not get dirty..

  • Who is going to stop all of this shit? No one seems to be running this country. I hope we can get all conservative people out to vote in November so we can remove all these idiots trying to destroy our country!

  • I normally don't swear, but what the f..k is wrong with people?  Can't they just leave things alone?  This so called Professor is a moron who shouldn't be out in public!  They want to destroy everything that is nice or funny or historically correct. Will not stop until we no longer have a history, or until we allow them.  What do you all say?  Should we fight back?????

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