• How short your memories!  Have you forgotten that McCarthy "was" a RINO himself?  Does a leopard change its spots?  RINOs placed him where he is and he knows it.  Like dems, he thinks we are stupid.  He firmly believes we will forget, or forgive, his RINO days. He only changed his stance because he wanted to be seen as a Trump person.  A little late, McCarthy.  I called his office already to say that he should now remove the 13 from any committee work.  I have heard nothing of the sort in the news.  A RINO called by any other name is still a RINO.  Someone should let DJT know this.  Maybe he already does.  Make tge number 14.

  • Meadows' demand is spot on. But let's be realistic; McCarthy only reluctantly held Liz Chaney's feet to the fire over her impeachment vote against Trump. Being a RINO himseIf, he relies on this so-called moderate wing to keep him close to taking the gavel should Republicans reclaim the House in '22. And, equally disturbing is the dirty ink in his portfolio; he's a protoge of disgraced former House Speaker John Boehner. McCarthy learned well. 

  • Leadership positions, are you kidding me?  Kick them out of the Party.  If they want to run make them run as Democrats.  They vote with Democrats anyway.  Pelt them with eggs and vegtables whenever they are in public

  • Kevin McCarthy doesn't have the guts to take any action. Kevin McCarthy is the problem!

  • Pisslosi is one evil bitch

  • Mark Meadows is 100% stating that the 13 Rinos must be stripped of their leadership positions. I say that the 13 Rino Liberal Republican Communist Democrats must be thrown out of the Republican Party. Purge them all.


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  • Verbal reprimands are a joke... political theater going nowhere... typical GOP/RNC phony deflection of the betrayal.  We are at war for the heart of our nation and McCarthy needs to demand loyalty or use his office and leadership to remove these individuals from the Party... period.  They are not Republicans and relying on them to vote for conservative issues is nuts.  Remove them from the Party and run candidates for their offices that are conservatives and will consistently vote conservative.

    The RNC is not loyal to its base... Strip the US Senators AND the GOP Reps in the House who voted for this terrible bill of all their committees and the USE OF THE GOP NAME in their next election.  Kick them out of the Party.

    • Agree!!

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