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  • 5 banks in Canada shut down around 5pm today. They were told to shut off anyone having anything to do with the rebels in trucks. Glen Beck is saying it is coming here.

  • You do very well Christina! Thank you,

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • I am a Constitutional conservative, belonging to no party, and am registered as NPA (No Party Affiliation).   I will NEVER be tied to red or blue, only to my rights as a Free American Citizen as outlined in the Bill of Rights and the Constituion of the United States.  We are CITIZENS, not serfs; WE empower them. I get bombarded with mailings from both "sides" and into the trash it goes. Sometimes I write my message on their forms and send it back to use up their own postage!  I call my reps on a regular basis on their phones in D.C., both to thank them, give them support, and to rattle their cages.  Heck, I call other reps in other states to do the same.  We have to do whatever we can do to hold the line for FREEDOM, and don't back down or ever be ashamed!  This is our country, so OWN IT, and be loud for it, for the TRUTH, and for our God given freedom.

    • Yes. It sounds like we are on the same page.  Party membership is just another label. The GOP has done little to nothing.  They've got more RINOS than patriots. The Democrats do not exist. They are enemies of the state as far as I am concerned. The only exception might be Tulsi Gabbart.  There are damned few patriots these days. They know they are an endangered species I guess.  Americans have been lulled into a false sense of safety. That doesn't exist unless it is established and protected and we've always depended on our "representatives," to provide protection for it and the people. .  Look where that has gotten us.  We are currently in a helpless position reacting instead of acting. The people are the only hope and that's not looking to good right now.  How can we count on elections when they are corrupted as well?  "For the People by the People??  Where are the people???????

  • Anyone following any "Political Party Playbook" has already succumbed to trading their Sovereign Right to Rule for babbling words of advertisements promises designed to keep you as Servant Sheep! Campaign Promises are Used Car Salesman "Puffing." Empty words of promise designed to get your signature on the dotted line where No Promises are Contained!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Nailed it!

  • "The Bill of Rights"  are The Citizens Protection against Governments. The Right to Peaceful Assembly and Protest to bring forth Grievances being 1st. These Governments must and will be replaced this November without the aide of Progressive Socialist Media/Politicians or or Fascist Ideals.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Valerie,  I don't like it but when we get down to the nut cutting, it's all politics and if you have a Secret way to get investigations and prosicutation referrals out of committee . Until there is a serious change in political majorities that is All any of this will amount to. TALK! Take a page from the Dems, Vote Early and Vote Often. Vote for your dead grandma, uncle and or anybody else you can think of...

    • My ONLY hope is that enough Americans will demand, and I mean DEMAND the Rule of Law.  Without it we are not a country. The rub is we have to have enough Americans to DEMAND it with commitment and tenacity. I don't see anyone doing that. Politics are NOT going help us if we can't even depend on the the Rule of Law or the Constitution. I am not likely to see end to this mess we have allowed, and we HAVE allowed it with the same apathy and helplessness we demonstrate now. You can't appease the way to fairness. You can't comply with what you KNOW is wrong for this country. The bottom line if you want freedom your're going to have fight for it with everything you've got. If not for you for your kids and grandkids. Do you want to be slaves? Thatt's wher we are headed and make NO mistake about that. 

    • Valerie,   You speak the truth.   Absolute truth.   I just sent a questionnaire back to the Republican party saying that it's not about party.   It's about country.   Both parties seek to gain by cutting the other at the knees and use that to GET DONATIONS.   IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.    It's exactly like 2 divorce attorneys (opposing sides) having lunch on their clients' tabs and upping the arguments while they divvy up the assets for themselves.  Arbitration works much better for the clients.  And, keeps the assets for them to divvy up.


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