• Exactly. I've said many times that the regime is not an administration; it is a communist dictatorship perpetrated by those who stole the election from our rightful President, and it sickens me to hear every commentator on earth refer to that perverted baby murdering communist that way. I can't wait for the Red Wave!

    • Melanie, I agree but don't count on the gop to help we patriots, they are owned by the gloalist/marxist cabal that owns the devildemocommiecrats!!!!!  Marjorie Greene is one of the all too few patriots in congress!!!!!  Rand Paul, Josh Hawlye, Lauren Boebert, and a very few others are with her!!!!!!!!!!


  • Republicans voting these people in office. What a joke republicans help put these people in office for federal government! So who's to really name senators list all who confirmed Biden's federal government help to destroy American. Everyone needs to know who confirmed Biden's staffing. Remove them all before it's to late. It's about to get really bad for Americans not anyone in government. They do wrong get away with it. They will keep causing chaos! Everything going to get worse. Destroying it with in governments with media propaganda no free-speech will be blocked every way to know the truth. This is the plan to bring us down destroyed government within turn area everybody against each other. Doesn't matter Americans see it all. That's no laws no justification for what media does viruses fear porn medical Science's has done and doing. They want lawlessness to get their world order bring us down! Government coming for your money your property and your guns if they can't vaccinate you to death! infowars! 

    • Not according to Marlene.  She says, always vote Republican.  I've gone round and round with her about this very thing.  And if you think about it.  it is our generation that elected and continued to elect these Republicans and for the last 30 + years. And they will again in 2024.  Watch and see

    • we all missing the big picture here the Democratic party is running this nation people like joe biden, kamala harris, obama, nancy pelosi, chick schrumer, and the rest of the leaders are in a demonic wave of cleaning this nation of their founding father and so call Republican are following their footsteps the only way this country will survive is God need to show up big time but other than that we're screwed big time.

  • Where is this article of impeachment going? Because the Democratic party hold the power of both the Senate and the house

  • The joy about this scenario is that it is absolutely NOT business as usual in The District of Columbia (where back door clandestine methods are preferred).

    Those who are entrenched must surely know they are in the revealing spotlight, and suffer an increasingly unstable hold on power.

    So they are not a happy bunch of jerks.IMHO

    • That's the Dims motto "We're not happy until you're not happy".

    • Marlene, only if mcconnell, mccarthy, and their lemmings are removed from control of the caucuses and lemmings are removed from office!!!!  Getting rid of cheney helped but she is only one of the majority of establishment hacks that need to be ousted!!!!!!!!!


    • Beautiful

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