• Why the meme showing Merrick displaying his own panties?

    • Ha ha I had the same idea about the FBI raid with President Trumps home and his wife's underwear  dresser . Everybody who is Republican that I talked to said the same thing about them sniffing them. Trumps wife needs to do an underwear count to make sure none is missing. Check ebay to see if some of her articles are for auction . Marlene you think the way I do lol.

  • Nothing will happen because she and her allies are too few and are opposed by the deep state globalist cabal of both political parties!!!!!!!!!!

  • She's a great lady

    • If only we had 50 more like her.

  • It is a great thought but we all know it isn't going to go anywhere.  At least not until after January 2023 and if we get the majority!  The RINOs must all go!!!

    • Edie, just what I have been saying, mcconnell, mccarthy, and their lemmings are allies of the devildemocommiecrats, on the soros payroll !!!!!!!!!!


    • Edie, unless the gop establishment hacks are defeated nothing will change!!!!!  mccarthy is a meeley mouthed punk TRAITOR on the payroll of soros and his cabal of globalist billionaires!!!!!!!!!!


    • Exactly Bob. There are too many rinos and too many Republican politicians who are traitors because they do not support President Donald J. Trump unconditionally.

    • Paul, even worse, they want the unlimited bribe money and power soros and his cabal pays them!!!!!  When the end is near the gopTRAITORS who betray us will find out they are expendable!!!!!!!!!!


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