• Anyone notice this guy yet?...........Another TRUE AMERICAN that does us proud!

    U.S. Congressman Byron Donalds
    U.S. Congressman Byron Donalds Proudly Representing Southwest Florida District 19
  • Joy, if “ourspoken  conservative “ was a typo, it was an inspired one. If it was intended,... nicely done.

  • I like MTG just BECAUSE she SO annoys the Left!!  They've tried every way from here to Sunday (to used Chuckie Schumer's expression!) to knock out this ourspoken Conservative, but she just won't be quiet!!




    I can't vote for her, in wrong district.  Would vote for her if she was in the Senate race.  The only problem it will be hard to beat Walker.  He has all the Ga. fans and probablyall the black vote.  Sould win in a land slide.  I just keep asking if he is qualified.  You don't elect someone to the senate to represent 10 million people because he could  carry a football.  I hope over time he will speak and debate enough to put his positions out there.  


  • We need more of Greene likeminded people!!!

  • We need more like you MTGreene!!

  • Thank You, Marjorie Taylor Greene for hammering down.

  • They is the different when a member of the socialist party mass up all come to the rescue because they are trained like robots, as for Republicans we have too many spineless cowards to stand against the evil in our country 

  • We need a few more Marjories , a Republican or simply conservative “squad”. If assholes can be bold then why are there not more patriotic voices daring to counter the hubris of the dems? From time to time we hear one. But then, none are such attention whores as to paint slogans on their ass. Marjorie lets her mind speak through her mouth. The other makes it clear that she speaks from her ass.

  • Git her, girl.  Ya gotta love Marjorie.

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