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    • All of the above is moot due to the failure of the State Legislatures, Governors, and Secretary of State to challenge the elections immediately as fraudulent...   The States with evidence of Fraud had sufficient time to properly certify the elections and to assign electors that reflected the LEGAL VOTE.. they failed to do so.  In fact, they CERTIFIED FRAUDULENT ELECTORS as the legitimate representatives of the State's voters.  The failure of our government to declare the election a fraud did not stop with the States certification of their Electors for Biden... it went on in the Courts and... AND Congress on January 6th accepted all of the Electors as legitimate votes for PResident, resulting in the election of Joe Biden to the Office of President...

      Was the election legitimate... It depends on how one interprets the law. Did the State's certify their Electors as legitimate?  Yes.  Did Congress certify the Electors as legitimate?  Yes.  Did any of the Court challenges for fraud reverse the elections or rule that fraud occurred... NO.  Again, Then, was the Election certified as legal by all the appropriate lawful agents of government?  Yes, it was.  Is the election legitimate under the strict interpretation of the law?  If not, why not?

      What is our lawful recourse... we can assemble, demonstrate and petition for the Impeachment of Biden... based on his fraudulent election.  We can petition and demonstrate for Pres. Biden's resignation,  We can petition the VP to initiate his removal under the 25th Amendment.   Or, we can demand the States use an Article 5 convention to pass a Constitutional Amendment that recalls Pres. Biden and all those we believe were elected by fraud,

  • Ahh yes the dimwitocrats strike again!

  • Don't wear a mask, go to jail, commit vpter fraud get off scot free. 

    • That is what happens when the Public fails to take the appropriate action to remove the corrupt from the governement... AT THE FIRST SIGN OF CORRUPTION.  America permitted its government to become a den of corruption, they ignored the warnings and waited to act until they no longer have the power to remove the corrupt from the government. The general public has permitted their elections to be rigged, without taking to the streets in the numbers and with the commitment needed to reform their electoral process.

      The innocent and law-abiding are being jailed... instead of the lawless and corrupt.  Evil men and women wax worse, deceiving and being deceived, pulling down the walls of righteous government and replacing them with open access to every evil work.  Our nation's security has been breached and our cities are laid bare before the evils of this world.

  • these arew federal crime, and there is only one remedy left, that is the people has been tolerant of the senate members passing laws to recieve money, bribes, to aid the election, they wrote a statute, which only shows malace ane forthought that payoffs from facebook were welcome, huge problem, the 3 line article in the AZ constitution prohibits this precisily the statute is mopre to trick everyone and corrupt judge to inhere to, the only powerful supre president left is Mulbury vs, Madision, (1803) , says that the constitution is not mere pinciples buy the empirical law. that statutes when passed was "going to be used" by politicians to share 5 million dollars of illegal money by a tyrant social media pervert was mostly give to crimional and judge shopper katie Hobbs.

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