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  • Tons of evidence the left can't see.
  • So.............They stole it for sure .

  • Crooks

  • As I sometimes point out, I am but a simple thinking woman, not one given to great intelligence or knowledge. But if I wanted to catch a thief or win a who battle it wouldn’t be something that I would give forewarnings. FBI gave no such advance notice to Roger Stone or Guliani. BANG! Wake up! Get out. We’ve got your stuff! But for such an important thing as an audit to determine any amount of fraud, dates and times given weeks in advance to those who have created the fraud. Hiding the evidence was easier than doing the crime. I mean, who can be surprised at this? 

    • Makes one wonder if those conducting the fraud really intend on proving fraud or simply placating the public... putting on a show to satisfy those crying out fraud.  It is terrible that we must question everything the government does.... even those supposedly working for the benefit of the Public...

  • Demoncrats strike again!!!

  • The election was stolen it is clear on what is happening in Arizona time for lawmakers to do their job and remove the fake president before things get out of control 

  • Someone should pay for this!

  • The election was clearly stolen. Trump said so many times and also told us he had all the evidence needed to prove it, which he did. And there is still more evidence coming out.

    • Shouldn't this be a felony to destroy evidence. Some people need to be in jail. Oh well, nothing will happen again, Hillary Clinton did the same thing, Maxine Waters incites a riot several times and still has her job. Nothing ever happens to these people as the swamp / deep state is in charge. It's sad to think, but they even control the Supreme Court judges. Look who one of the elites & dep state evil person George Bush appointed to be Chief Justice. He and his buddies Obama's, Clinton's, Soros, Gates, etc are alll part of the new world order elites. The only chance we have of taking back some of their power is with Convention of States, and they are strongly against this ever happening. I need to win the lottery and but my own private island for just my family & trusted friend. We can set up our own libertarian government. Anyone want to join me? I have little faith or hope for the country I once knew and was proud of as a child. I don't recognize the United States anymore. Moving closer to communism each and every day. Listen to Cuban Americans. They have been there and can see where the path the deep state and democommunists are taking us down. 

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