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The man accused of trying to extort $25 million from Rep. Matt Gaetz’s family admitted Monday that he asked the congressman’s dad for cash — but denied that it was a shakedown.

Bob Kent, an ex-Air Force intelligence officer, confirmed to Sirius Radio host Michael Smerconish that he approached the Florida Republican’s dad, Don Gaetz, for money last month.

The funds, Kent said, were to pay for an effort to free Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent who disappeared in Iran in 2007, and is believed to be dead. Kent claimed he has video evidence that Levinson is still alive and is being held hostage.

Kent said he met Don Gaetz, a wealthy former Florida politician, at his office on March 17 — and told him his son was having “legal issues” and might want to “generate good will” by helping with the rescue effort.

“I explained that in no way am I trying to extort him and that if he decides not to help us, he’ll never hear from me again,” Kent told Smerconish.

“Matt Gaetz is in need of good publicity, and I’m in need of $25 million to save Robert Levinson,” he added.

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  • Pelosi ...... A threat to the Constitution Of These United States ........ Pelosi ......... The ends justify the means . Pelosi ........ Lacks a moral compass . Thats what I think when I see this vindictive old woman on the evening news . Only my opinion which she created by her words and actions ,Her masks match her dresses, how vain of her .

  • the devildemocommiecrats conspired against a conservative and the Pravda/Goebbels propagandists parroted it?  As Gomer Pyle says, SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!

  • I cannot stand our government

    • I no longer recognize the federal government as having any authority over me!!!!!!!!!!


  • SWALWELL- but that was different (He's Democrat) as long as THE PEOPLE LET THIS HAPPEN, IT WILL KEEP HAPPENING-!!! 

  • Wait a minute........ we have democrat Eric Swalwell who was in a longtime realtionship on all levels with a Chinese spy, which is considered a hugenational security risk.  But, it has been deemed of no consequence with the democratic elites like Nancy Pelosi, et al.  Seriously?  If they persist on this issue which reeks of fraud, then there are a lot of people in D.C. who will need to go into hiding for the exact same reasons.  I predict this story will just fade away......


  • Bob Kent, an ex-Air Force intelligence officer.  Why has the US military turned against the country?  If Levinson is believed to be dead, how can anyone rescue him.  Apparently this Kent character, besides being dishonest and probably lying about his reason for trying to extort the Gaetz family, doesn't have a brain.  Don't know what he calls it, but it certainly sounds like extortion to me. 

    • I would be so sad if this story were even remotely true! 
      Matt Gaetz has almost always come across as a good man!  Well, yes, he did get caught once for driving under the influence! 
      I have a family member in Florida that knows Mr Gaetz.  She has never observed him doing anything inappropriate!

      yes, I believe this is another attempt to try to get red seats switched to blue!  Note what the Pelosi witch is trying to do with the Iowa election! 

    • Driving under the influence?  BUT he shure wasn't caught sleeping with his dead brother's wife and doing drugs and romancing his 14year old neice or sleeping with Chinese spys.  Give me a break Matt Gaetz is a stand-up guy and a champian politician, one that we need a lot more of!


    • Les, being a stand up guy is why he is hated and feared by devildemocommiecrats and the deep state gop establishment, he is a threat to corruption as is President Trump!!!!!!!!!!


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