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  • black lives matters is nothing but a hate group.

  • Pour "BABY"... Keep him home where the pablim is.. 

  • Congrats idiot Dave, your son was at a riot and the police were trying to stop an area turning into  a trash can and people being terrorized. White guilt is a mental illness. That "justice" for Floyd is now a joke as those who will suffer are BLACKS because the DEMOCRATS of DNC plantations are allowing it to fester and care less about black lives. Ironic a good portion of the riot scum are whites from racist Antifa and BLM has a holy alliance with them. The left is playing America and will burn down America to get Trump. The idiots who paint all cops as racist barbaric neanderthals are simple minded fools. If this BS with America burning to the ground is "protesting" ,the "protest" will be the new normal.

  • "Will you beat a Roman citizen?"
    I'm a Trump supporter and will stay so.  But we would not be in this crisis if our laws were strongly curtailed to prevent police from exploiting the use of force.  Our police laws have got to change drastically. I am white, a Sr citizen and a former military officer of 25 years. I've seen too much when it comes to force and the application of it.  I have watched it in Iraq and many other very bad places, but all too often, in stunned horror, right here in the US.  Cops too often reach for the maximum use of brutality (and their beloved handcuffs) just because they can.  And when they do, you can just hear the court cash registers taking in the $$ from the work-a-day woman or man - mostly white - who will be dragged into the judge to fatten the government coffers.  For what?  A ticket they forgot to pay two years ago?  Driving with an out-of-state license?  A cracked tale-light?
    A few years ago on a very cold January morning, I watched police stop a mother (white) and forcefully pull her out of her minivan with her two children in the back seats.  She was handcuffed and stuffed into a $200K squad car and taken away while another cop drove her van with the terrified children still in their seats.  Her husband asked me to attend the court hearing as a character witness.  The ultimate charge was:  driving over a curb on the way to school.  Not drunk-driving.  Not speeding.  The charge wasn't driving without a license plate, nor any other higher offense that one may expect.  Sure, she may have gotten smart with the officer.  I don't know - but let's say she did?  Does the officer need to take her to jail?  Really?  Is the officer that inept, insecure, and ill-trained to insist that his only course of action is to treat this American citizen like a terrorist? 
    We have all seen and experienced many other examples of stupid and excessive cop abuses but we must stop making excuses for their behavior and abusive tendencies.  Our policing laws must change.  Police training much drastically change.
    So now, in this crisis, we do our republic a great disservice to view this as an expression of racial angst, but rather we must admit that this crisis is at least as much (if not more so), a spontaneous outburst of justified anger against a heavy-handed police state - from every ethnicity - a state that has come to assume total control over every aspect of our lives.  Theirs' is a control backed up with an omnipresent threat of deadly force on their fellow American citizens.  This force includes on-the-spot execution by a bullet to the head, a tazer to the heart, or a knee on the neck.  And central to this control are laws that ensure that their "soldiers" have unrestricted use of brutal force against anyone who dares to question state judgement - citizen or not.
    Remember that when Apostle Paul announce his Roman citizenship to his captors, the Roman soldiers immediately ceased their attempt to beat him.  Instead of a beating, the captain of the troop offered to release him.  Paul appealed to Caesar instead, and by doing so, his 2000 year-old story further cast doubt on our "modern" laws.  "We the people," may want to stop placating our obsession with glorifying police to the point of ignoring their abuses.   Our obsession with the "brave first responder" may have gone too far.  I may have led us to authorize the federal, state, & local governments to insulate themselves and apply their heavy-handed laws with what is nothing more than Praetorian Guards who must "Protect and Serve" the political elite above all - even if our cities burn.
    • I think you are overstating things a bit.  I was in Iraq as well and most of the excessive use of force I saw was from the Iraqi police (they were absolutely brutal), not the coalition police.  There are always a few rotten apples in every barrel.  Why punish everyone else for the few, just punish the few severly.  This is typically the way bureaucrats handle things, one size fits all so punish the good guys too.  While I agree that often times police officers initially come on aggressively, you have to understand the nature of their job, and keep calm.  They are under intense pressures from politicians and lawyers that are always trying to tie their hands and interfering with their doing their jobs.  They work hard to do their job of enforcing the law against criminals and criminal actions, and then some lawyer or some judge undoes all their work and sets the perp free or gives them a slap on their wrist.  Frankly, I do not know why anyone would want to be in law enforcement these days in states controlled by Democrats.  It is a thankless and under appreciated occupation.  

    • Once again, well said, W. Kenneth.


    • Thank you!

  • Supporting BLM is not going to make this go away.  BLM is an liberal activist groups funded in part by George Soros' organizations and is being used to create division and chaos in the US.  What we have seen over and over again is that the protests get out of hand and violence is resorted to. If you are not smart enough to leave then you are playing with fire and you are going to have to suffer the consequences.  I have no sympathy. Mr Murphy should be blaming Antifa and other violent groups for what happened to his son.  Police usually don't shoot people who are protesting peacefully, but if people start getting in their face and start resorting to violence and destruction the police are going to do what they are supposed to do and what most people want them to do for their safety and security.  These protest have a lot of bad actors brought in from outside the community to use the cover of the peaceful protest to inflict harm and damage. We have had peaceful protests where I live and there was no problems- so don't blame the police.  .

    • Well said, W. Kenneth.


  • His son was apparently somewhere is was not suppose to be. Police did not fire into a peaceful crowd only at those who failed to comply with lawful orders. 

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