• In my own opinion, all ballots cast so far, whether Early Votes, Absentee, or Mail-Ins, should be null and void, and EVERY American Voter should vote In-Person, ON Election Day, and WITH an Official Voter ID that includes a recent photo and dated squares that can be punched when a person votes.

    • Well I agree with you that it is critical that only legal votes should be in and be counted, some absentee ballots are necessary for people who are going to be out of town on election day, or perhaps in the hospital having surgery or other treatments, or some other issue that prevents them from getting to the polls even though they are certainly registered and legal. All other people should be going to the polls in person, and presenting ID, as we do every year and will again this year! So then if all the other votes are no longer counted and everybody has to go in person, what do we do about the people who want to go and cannot go. Which is why they have requested an absentee ballot.

      but I will tell you that a woman I know told me that she had received a ballot in the mail that she never requested, and sending them out to everybody like they're doing in California is not being done in our state, and she said she always fights in person and prefers that, she was shocked that she received a ballot in the mail unsolicited, and did not know what to do about it. I told her she needs to report it to the registrar of voters and go in person to vote at her

      normal polling place, turn in the ballot that came in the mail and tell them she did not solicit the ballot, show her ID and they will give her a correct and honorable and legitimate ballot and she will be able to vote in person. 
      there is so much about voting that people don't know and should know. Many people do not watch the news regularly and will miss instructions given on the news, and truthfully you can't trust the news very much. Shocking‼️👎‼️

    • I agree 100%


  • It is clear by now that the election is rigged if Trump loses and that Trump will win with a huge landslide if the election is fair. The good news is that evidence like this will make the case much stronger when Trump goes to court. He is a master of using the legal system to his advantage. I'm sure he will win, either in a fair election or in the court. Let's get Barrett on the Supreme Court now! 

  • Will Republicans please go and vote in person. My Grandson will not even go to the early voting places. Do not trust these corrupt scum.

    • Exactly!


    • A lady at my church told me she received a ballot in the mail which she did not request. She said she didn't know what to do with it!

      she also said she plan to go to the polls and vote in person. So I told her to take it with her to her polling place turn it in and explain that she had not requested it and that she wanted to vote in person and they will take the phone about it and they will give her a real valid so that she can vote. She was very relieved. I am very perturbed that this is happening in my state which is very Republican and conservative and they're trying to be very careful about this so who is it that's mailing out these ballots that is the question!

    • If these are counterfeit ballots... the FBI needs to be notified along with the local authorities... do it in writing and send a copy to the local GOP, News Paper, and prosecutor.  Do the same thing for multiple ballots you may receive or ballots for others that come to your home... We must expose the fraud and keep evidence of it.   

    • Once she has turned the ballot over to another, she has lost the evidence!

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