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    • I like that quote. A good first step would be to get rid of the commie demonrats party.

  • Maxine Waters would be a prefect VP for Biden.

    • She would run him into the ground.  He could not deal with her as VP.  She would be wanting to take over his job. LOL

    • Hey! James, where did you get that Idea?


    • this comment ever a bunch of bullshit....!!

    • Steve I am surprised. You don't think an extremely intelligent, well spoken, black woman like Maxine Waters would be a good VP for Biden? She would be one 25th ammendant action from being president. I'm going to guess you don't like sarcasm.


    • James..........I have been laughing so hard my ribs hurt over your guessing I not like scarcasm.  FYI......I am totally scarcasm,  but my type has gotten me banned off Twitter, and almost FB now.  Seems that each turn I make I get deleted for one thing or the other.  It appears that the lefties do have a very thin skin.  Those b_ _ _ _ _ _sds, can sure dish it out..but they cannot take not one little bitty anything that messes with their head and their "narrative" what ever the hell their narriative is.  I am afraid I have to agree with your "watering the tree" saying.....I feel it deep inside that this thing will come to a civil war again.   I am frightened to even thinkj about it.......

    • That's cool Steve..... I absolutely detest maxine waters, I can't imagine how stupid the people who elect her are. The left has chosen Biden as an easy sell, watch who they chose as his running mate. When Biden is no longer useful they have the 25Th amendment to use to replace him. I pray to God that Trump gets re elected. Either way the socialists/communists have to be purged from our country, preferably surgically with the least amount of damage. Civil war is a last resort.


    • Hey! James, it's going to get ugly as the day goes by and I agree with you 100%

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