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    Hydroxychloroquine One More Time
    Hydroxychloroquine One More Time Paul Craig Roberts It is a proven undeniable fact that if given early, hydroxychloroqine (HCQ) given with azithromyc…
  • Don't use the color of your skin on this election the Socialists Party has nothing to offer you except government control 

  • I am g going to say something about this Obama has the American people in the palm of his hand because his vice president will choose a black woman they are using the black people to vote for the Democratic party and I will not buy this at all.

  • WOW........I can hardly make a comment on this as any comment really would be skewed, and in much anger.  We all knew that Maxi-Pad Waters...was skewed in her outlook on race....she has directed so much race bating towards the Conservatives and the white community and now....if that was not enough....Harpo Winfery is in on the sick game too.   OMG...hahaha....trying to get whites to admit their whiteness is a priviledge.  Know what you two.....(no I'd better keep my true feelings erased) I did erase it two times.    Idiots you both are.....!!  Still separating yourselves from the phrase..."all Americans Matter"....saying otherwise and you are the devisive ones.  You are the ones that have never come to grips with your own skin color...and to live and exist in your own skin.  You always have to point your bony fingers at..."whitey."   I've had enough of both your shit...!!

  • How racist can you be when your only qualification for a job is the color of the skin?

    • isn't that something


  • Demonrats are a bunch of racists. The election will be a cakewalk for Trump. 

    • You can say that again


    • Yes Paul....I agree totally with you.  I feel that no president in history will have garnered as much of the black vote as he will in November.  I do feel that most normal everyday black people are sick and tired of the Democratic party....and sick of them continuing to keep them on the reservations.  Democrats are sick to the core....and as President Washington wrote in his departing address....American should be cautious of a two party system.   I not know the answers on the alternative, but I do know that it is time for changes.  I know there must be much smarter people than me out there that has some answers to this problem.    This might be a solution.....!

      Convention of States Action
      Article V offers the only constitutional solution as big as the problem. Together, we can end federal overreach.
    • What was the big benefit that the dems ever did for black people.  Answer: more welfare to maintain more poverty. Trump has tried to generate opportunity to enable all poor people to exit poverty. 
      So the dems in the states want to ensure that he is not reelected so they continue the LOCKDOWN along with their redicuolous made up social rules regarding the virus.  They don't want to eliminate poverty by providing financial opportunities.  It has been a pretty clear picture for many, many years that welfare will keep the recipient down and out just like being knock out in the rink.

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