We still have the peaceful option to form a Red State's Caucus... to engage in the coordinated use of the peaceful anti-commandeering doctrine.  Such tactics are based on the 9th and 10th Amendments, James Madison first discussed this doctrine in Federalist 48 as a check on overreaching Federalism. It may be our best peaceful means to thwart the overreach of a Biden Administration and a Marxist controlled Congress. 

See: The Federalist Papers Essay 48 Summary and Analysis ...




The Supreme Court’s long-standing anti-commandeering doctrine supports this nullification strategy. In a nutshell, this legal doctrine prohibits the federal government from “commandeering” state and local personnel or resources for federal purposes. In effect, the federal government cannot force state or local governments to cooperate in the enforcement of federal laws or the implementation of federal programs. With the Supreme Court affirming this doctrine in five major cases dating back to 1842, the feds are legally powerless in the face of state noncooperation.

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