Guide to Walmart's "Made in the USA" Campaign | Cheap Simple LivingOne of the key outcomes from the new coronavirus outbreak that continues to sicken people across the globe, crush global markets and keep millions of Americans out of work is that "Made in America" will become a “really powerful rallying cry, ” Buck Sexton, the host of The Buck Sexton Show” said on Friday.

“You’re going to get a lot of people who lived through this who are going to say, ‘Yeah, I’ll pay a little more to know this is made here.'” Sexton said.

 The U.S. appears to be hardly alone in the turn inward. Relationships between countries in the European Union have seen similar political shifts since the outbreak. The BBC ran a headline on Friday, titled, “Coronavirus Outbreak Eats Into EU Unity.” The article is about the instinct for countries to protect their own in a time of crisis.

“Right now, every European government is struggling to protect their populations - their jobs, their health and their economy,” the article read. “But rich, europhile countries like Germany are not yet digging deeper into their pockets to help out poorer Italy and Spain. There's little sense of the responsibility West Germany felt towards the East after the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

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