•  Right,she's the Devil!

  • What a firebrand he is, I love him

  • YAY!!! Madison. ALL we have in DC is tyranny, what they are doing is unconstitutional, and we must stand against it. 

  • "The Spawn of Satan!", as I once heard in an old time Tent Revival Meeting.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • AMEN!!  Thank you Rep. Cawthorne!!  You speak for me and millions of others.  We have your back!

  • Madam Speaker you are the daughter of the devil and you and your dad will not make my country your home you got your own hell which my God has already provided for you and your dad and all his followers. In my country guess what "In God We Trust "

  • She is not god, she is the devil in disguise.  Doing her best to ruin this country.  Why?  For her own prsonal advancement, power and money.  She has broken so many laws and is still walking free.  She has go to go.  Come on Republicans get her out.  


    • Absolutely correct in logic ... in fact, she is a vile demon who is doing the will of her god Satan.

  • God bless you, Hawthorn!

  • Hooorah!

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