Lyin' Biden exposed by President Trump!

Joe Biden is confirmed to have made millions from the companies in China for access to his administration.

The business partner is retired Navy Lt. Tony Bobulinski.

Bobulinski said that he is not political at all and that the “few campaign contributions I have made in my life were to Democrats.” He said that he should stay in his “irrelevant” life but blames “the media and big tech companies” for not doing their job and forcing him to come forward.

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  • The National Televised Debate failed to challenge Biden on his financial deals with China, Iraq, Russia, and Ukraine.   Biden was rarely challenged by the moderator who ignored the open questions regarding his criminal culpability over, pay to play schemes. 

    Not one question was put to Joe Biden about  the financial corruption and apparent 'pay to play' schemes of the Biden Family.  She ignored the 1.5 Billion deal with China and the money given to Biden by the Russian Mayors wife... why?  Not one hardball question on Biden's financial links to foreign powers and how he managed to become so wealthy on his government salary alone. 

    • I wonder if Joe Biden reported the money he received from the Russian Mayors Wife on his income taxes or too the US State Department and Customs.  I'd bet he has violated several laws requiring disclosure and taxes on such a gift.

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