• love the hypocrisy. she opposes people having guns to defend them selves but she has armed security

  • I wonder what that fool would say if it was her neighborhood businesses and home about to be looted, burned and destroyed? She should be prosecuted for inciting a riot. No fool like an old fool and an old fool she is.

  • Who's stupid enough to vote for her?  Betcha she has police coverage in her super duper house.  She's crude, rude, and out of touch with the majority of Americans.  

    • I don't think many, if any, "vote" for that pos evil demon!  IT wins by cheating and stealing its elections, as all the other commie/demonRats do.  It's the only way that dangerous clinically, mentally insane creepo stays in office.

  • She is an ass and unfit to be any representative of anyone. What happens when the police are gone? Vigilante justice, and she might hate that more

    • She would probably be too stupid to know the difference. How do such dipshits even get on the ballot??


    • mAd MaXi.......has encouraged and is a proponent of violence.  Just this week she told Rep Jim Jordan to "sit there and shut-up" during a congressional hearing that featured the beloved Fauchi as he tried to weave his way in and around all his lies over the past 1.5 years.  How on God's green earth can anyone like mad max get elected to her seat every time is beyond my common sense thinking? 


    • Dominion machines, Steve

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