• I just they would ALL recognize their oath is to the Constitution.

    • Well you are wrong and naieve.  Do you think you are going to authorize someone else to tinker around the edges to fix what is wrong with America.  Do you believe you are going to vote your way out of this?  Do you really think they stole the last election to let have another chance?  That's incredibly naive.  I thought you had some sense.  Apparently you don't.  Do you realize how corrupt the DOJ is?  It is more than three deep.  It is virtually 100%.  To include the FBI, CIA, FISA Courts and the capitol police right up to the Supreme Court, which wouldn't even allow evidence of thefraudlent election to be heard.

      Pray tell Marlene, what the else are you going to do, if you don't tear this rotten corrupt and tyranical system down and start over.  I'd recommend instituting a constitutional, democratic republic modeled upon our original system as envisioned and put in place by thefounding fathers.  But who knows?  Maybe that's too radical and freightening for you?  Maybe you would have us just hand it over for recommendations for reform from a bi partisean congressional committee.

      Let's be blunt Marlene.  You are part of the solution, or you are part of the problem.  If you are afraid, or confused, or over whelmed, stay the hell out of the road.


    • I think the "system" needs to be torn down.  

    • Then you are a DEMOCRAT AKA MARXIST.


    • The Left is not formerly trying to tear down the gov. their just ignoring it altogether.  They could care less about the Constitution, in fact when Obama called that document list negative rights I knew we were in trouble. It, the Constitution, is negative for a gov. It focuses on what CANNOT be done to the people. Obama knew that when made his comment. He knew it and he and his decided they would ignore it and largely they do. They have rendered it irrelevant for their purposes and the American public, their base, by and large, we have all accepted that. they've seen the consequences and WATCHED it happen.  The southern border comes to mind. 

    • One would be hard pressed to find a solid piece of wood to drive a nail into, or shore up.

    • NO, it's already been torn down, that was their goal.  It needs to be restored!


    • Yeah it needs to be resotored Ralph, but let's not overlook the 800 lb. gorilla here.  There happens to be an entire establishment that has torn it down and likes it running just as it is.  They must be replaced before you can restore, or change anything.  Hello? 

    • Oh, you mean like have an election in 2020 to reelct Trunp?

      I thought we did that.

      Oh I see what you mean, we can audit the election and throw it out as a phony fraud election....

      I thought that the unelected judges put a stop to that?

      Well we could punish the people who cheated....oh wait...they'd have to be prosecuted first.

      For that we'd need the cooperation of FBI, lawenforcement, courts, legislatures and an honest press. 

      You know the Press, the conner stone of Liberty and Freedom.....

      What a minute....arn't they the groups that perpetrated the fraud, covered it up and are blocking the exposure of it?

      Yea your right, let's just have some more elections, that'll fix it!


      Just because they got away with it, in full public view and no ones been punished for their fraud, that doesn't mean that they'll do it again............


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