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  • We are on life support.😟

  • Our COUNTRY will be gone and done. Lret's get real here folks. Not one oerson in D.C. is sticking up for us like Trump.I'm SURE we voted for that same old Kleptocratic Kakocracy!........I sure do miss being shit on by these Orwellian Freaks,don't you? President Xi OWNS US NOW!!!!

  • Question is what will come after Trump. It will be tough to find another strong personality like Trump has been. The Republican party was toast until he came along. I pray that Trump will run again or someone worthy of leadership will come along.

    • Cheer up Hilary. This lack of leadership character was bemoaned by the likes of Beck and Limbaugh back in pre 2016 election times. BUT, the sense of anxious  dread was vague, with no generally understood urgent malignant agendas perceived. 

      Now it is.

      Trump fills the desperately needed populist gap that provoked the technocrat oligarchs out of stealth mode to accelerate their agenda.

      New leadership is now rallying motivated by a desire to preserve things held dear.

      We are regalvanizing the will. Do we have the time to act?

    • I live in the "Now".. and not worrying for the next election.  We live in tipping-scale of socialisim.  I will stand with Trump, and agree with Lou Dobbs, the Reb. Party needs to stand strong, not hide behind just "talk".  Can't help but think they are scared and putting their tail between their legs for whatever reason it may be!  Let's fight the Voter Fraud and make our legal votes be heard, not hidden!  Trump is our president, and the left will just have to deal with the fact that fraud is Not the answer to win any election!  I want the truth be told, no matter what the outcome, as long as it's an honest one.. but the left has demorilized and shamed themselves to oblivion now.. and nothing is evil enough for these people!  May God bless America and the people who love and believe in Him.  

    • "... I want the truth be told, no matter what the outcome, as long as it's an honest one ..." my thoughts exactly.

    • Pontius Pilate would state: What is the Truth?  The Marxist would reply... it is whatever I say it is... The MSM would shout the Truth is a long expired concept held by fools and replaced by the carefully crafted narrative, an illusion of the mind.

      We live in times where high-minded men of power banter about such concepts as arcane ... too, be shunned as obstacles to progress, the Truth... an ancient philosophical restraint ... a mere irritant to be overcome.

  • I'm ready. Let's roll!


  • The Republican Party is already done.  They have been corrupted, compromised and conscripted.

    It's (past) time they pay the price.

    • You have a point all right. I'm for procuring another horse, before we shoot the elephant. Lincoln and his contempoaries did so as Whigs. So in that vein, what are your proposals?

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