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For most of the time that Donald Trump occupied the White House, his presidency was framed by the claim that he and his campaign team had colluded with Russia to fix his election. This was promulgated unceasingly by most of the mainstream media. For outlets such as The New York TimesWashington Post, CNN, MSNBC and the rest, the only question was how soon this scandal would see Trump rightly ejected from the Oval Office.
A dossier produced by the former British spy Christopher Steele served up “evidence” of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, and made salacious claims that Trump had cavorted with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. This dossier prompted an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign that triggered an inquiry by special counsel Robert Mueller. Even when this found no evidence of a Trump conspiracy with Russia, none of those who had disseminated this false claim saw fit to inquire how it had been made.
Some people smelt a rat from the start. A number of commentators and Republican members of Congress viewed these baroque accusations as nothing other than a Democratic Party dirty trick which was being used by sympathetic elements in law enforcement and other administration circles to lever Trump out of office.
If true, this was one of the greatest political scandals in American history. Those making this claim, however, were deemed “right wing” and “Trump enablers”, and so could be disregarded by the media and associated legions of Trump foes.
Now, however, it looks as if these objectors were right all along. Special counsel John Durham, who was appointed in 2019 by the former US attorney-general William Barr to investigate the origins of the FBI’s probe, has started issuing indictments which may cause the whole story finally to implode.
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  • I believe in John Durham when he starts issuing indictments on the big names, starting with Hillary!!!!

  • There is a " Sucker Born Every Minute."  and it appears that the Far Left has and Dems own ALL of them .

  • Five years too late!

  • With so much of America's Precious Time and Money having been wasted these previous years by the Progressive Socialist Politicians against Trump in "Useless Pursuits", it would be ideal to simply replace them and get on with once more " Making America Great Again " and let those others "Bark at their Assholes!" This "Tit for Tat" becomes wasteful and We loose focus on what should be of Prime Importance, regaining Our Position as #1.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • hilary, bill o, biden and a host of 1 worlders are behind this plot to destroy American freedom and our Republic. They care ZERO about the American citizens. They only care about communism controling our country. Lets wish for speedy trials for all of them with hefty imprisonment for all of them (in solitary confinememt).

    • YOU ARE RIGHT with the esxception of punishment



  • An attempted coup followed by a successful coup. At least it wasn’t a successful asassination, though it’s a slow and painful death of America.

    • The problem with the Durham findings is that it took so long to bring the glaringly obvious front and center.  And still, it has not happened.

      People forget.  And the passage of time aids only aids in insuring that people do forget.  Anericans, real Americans, want the truth revealed now, as in Right Now. Not months or years later when nobody cares anymore.

      The "ties" to the Clintons needs to be in the spotlight real quick since it is at the Heart of the Investigation.  That is if the investigation is truly what it claims to be.


    • You are so right!!  Seems the whole Afghanistan withdrawal disaster has been forgotten.  The media has a bad case of selective memory.

    • durham is a sad joke on We the People, he is one of the deep state TRAITORS as is mcconnell and most of the gop!!!!!!!!!!


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