• This needs to be happening everywhere he shows up... until he and Fauci are held accountable...

  • Gates dark evil deeds have come out in the light. 

  • OK, so where are the special forces when you need them? All of these Nazi ceiminals could be taken out by our special forces and all of these Hitler tactics would stop over night.

  • I wouldn't allow my dog to bite any of them out of concern they may be carrying something contagious. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Gates, Schwab and Soros are criminals. People that are pushing the vaccine that is starting to kill people are either criminals, or very naive. There are treatments for Covid available, but these are being made unavailable, which is criminal. Vaccine mandates are illegal, but nobody cares. The people running our country are trying very hard to destoy us in order to create their new world order.

    • Klaus, you are absolutely "spot on" with your post!  The "elites" think they are almighty powerful with all the money they already have, yet want more and more!  They will be having to answer when the time comes in front of the pearly gates.  I truly feel sorry for these evil people, as they live in their own hell and evil doings!  America will win, so don't despair or be frightened.. they have nothing to gain, as they are hollow, empty souls searching for power and more of whatever.  Their faces and eyes show their evil minds.  

  • Bill Gates and his other three idiots should be charge for all crimes they have committed 

  • He is only truly EVIL man

  • Good!  Even the Brits know what and who he is!!!!

  • Reminds me of the films of Mussolini's Last Days.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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