• Exactly... and her values are not the GOP bases values... nor are the values of the RINO's running the GOP/RNC it is time to purge the party of these corrupt individuals.

    • Ron, liberals are REGRESSIVE not progressive!!!!!  They like to call themselves "progressive" but EVERYTHING they do regresses people to Sodom and Gomorrah status!!!!!!!!!!


    • Amen  Bob... Amen.  It is time for the GOP Base to purge out the leavin of corruption from the GOP and RNC... too, rebuild a truly conservative political party.

    • Progressive politicians make up the core of the Marxist and Globalist factions found in both political parties... Like most things LIBERAL the term Progressive has been twisted by regressive politicians... they like the visual and phonetic impact the term has on the public... over the former label of LIBERAL or the more pejorative term Marxist.  However the Progressives are not conservative, at all. 

    • Wolves in sheep's clothing!
      Liberal, progressive, call them whatever, you know them by their deeds.......they are LEFTISTS! The democrat party became the leftists party in America, they go by the teachings of Marx and his mentally deranged followers. Read history, those who came up with the theory were all privileged, spoiled children with depression, and other mental deficiencies, and today our politicians on the left sound and behave as they too are mentally ill!


  • The reporter should have gone to a circus maybe he would have found some clowns supporters for the traitor 

    • Lorenzo, even there the reporter wouldn't find supporters!!!!!  Clowns are funny not stupid!!!!!!!!!!


  • She's actually a treasonous traitor.  She should be held accountable and justice applied.  

  • Witch is going down!!


    Media finds Cheney's base! Proof! 

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