2nd Cheney supporter located! 


    • Funny and interesting at the same time 

  • Thankfully she will be DONE after Nov election UNLESS the demoncrats cheat again which wouldn't surprise me

    • Anytime the right person doesn't win, it is clearly cheating.

  • Traveled Wyoming extensively for work. This is no surprise. The surprise is she was elected in the first place.

  • Did anyone know that Liz Cheney is a Lesbian what do we expect?

    • Does anyone care who she sleeps with?

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      As long as it's not me! YIKES! 

    • Yes and those elemenss in society seeking to normalize deviant social behavior are creatling the moral debacles that has led to the MORAL DECADENCE in America... Acceptance of deviant sexual conduct and the destruction of the Family are rooted in such abnormal relationships. Communist don't allow such conduct to be taught in their schools or too be openly acceptable in their culture.

      Is homosexuality illegal in Russia?

      While it's not against the law to be in a gay relationship in Russia, same sex marriages are illegal and openly gay couples are subject to physical and social abuse.

      LGBT rights groups say homophobic attacks have rocketed since President Vladimir Putin approved the controversial law outlawing the promotion of a gay lifestyle to minors in 2013.In 2017, dozens of gay men were reportedly detained and tortured in Chechnya.  In January 2018, two gay men whose marriage was registered by Russian officials fled the country after receiving death threats.

      At least the Russian Communist understand the plague and moral decadence associate with normalizing homosexual conduct... it is just one more step toward the decomposition of the traditional family and a host of moral codes proven over millennia to be necessary for creating and maintaining stable communities

      For More See:  Is homosexuality illegal in Russia, what laws has Vladimir Putin en....

    • "Is homosexuality illegal in Russia?" NO it is not illegal! 
      because someone doesn't try to control who sleeps with whom, doesn't mean they are normalizing the situation. That's how it was for a very long time, until the government normalized it by allowing gay marriage. 

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