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Representative Liz Cheney’s husband’s law firm represents several Chinese Communist Party-linked clients – including firms tied to the regime’s military – and employs former party officials to undergird its massive China practice, The National Pulse can reveal.

Phillip Perry – the husband of the House Republican Conference Chair who looks set to be ousted over her outlandish criticisms of her own party and its leader Donald Trump – serves as a Partner at Latham & Watkins. The firm, which has offices in Shanghai and Beijing, has worked with companies labeled “tools” of the Chinese Communist Party by the U.S. State Department and People’s Liberation Army collaborators.

Landing the position after working in the George W. Bush administration, Perry has defended the “revolving door” between government officials and lobbying and legal firms:

“The term ‘revolving door’ implies people going in and out of government in order to obtain monetary gain. The reason people go into government is to serve their country. It’s not appropriate to describe that as a ‘revolving door,'” Perry has previously claimed.

While Perry claims to have gone into government to serve his country, his colleagues are servicing the needs of a foreign, hostile nation.

As part of its “Greater China Practice,” Latham & Watkins describes itself as “advising” Chinese Communist Party-linked technology firm Tencent on its investment in an American company.

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  • Did you hear that LYING Progressive Bwitch on Chris Wallace(who I can't stand anymore either)?

  • Lying Liz Cheney's connection to Wyoming is thinner than a human hair.  Conservative voters in Wyoming will throw her out of office in 2022.  Take  it from me, a Wyoming native, life-long Wyoming resident and life-long conservative, absent any democrat chicanery in 2022, Lying Liz Cheney is burnt toast in Wyoming. 

  • Glad she's out of leadership.  But now the people of Wyoming need to vote her out.

    Its unconscionable to play nice with CCP, pretending to be helping them when they are wolves at our door.  Liz grew up in DC. She's a dyed in the wool Swamp Creature.  Her father, before becoming VP was an unlelected bureaucrat all her life, and when not vacationing in Texas where they have a home, Cheney's lived in the alternate world of DC.

  • You mean we've been overthrown by the C.C.P. hrough their fraudulenlty elected BOUGHT AND PAID FOR U.S. GOV.?..........We have to acknwledge this FACT or perish for refusing to!No one is doing anythng because they're ALL OWNED and SCARED!...................WAKE UP! Our Government ISN"T OURS anymore. How much more do you have to see!!!

  • All crooks

  • It seems like most of our gov. has some sort of friendly association the CCP.  Just shows their priorities and it's not the American people.  

  • Clear cut cases of "conflict of interest"; like mitch mcconnell married to "Chinese chao", and various administrative people married to media  "journalists" - - a term I use lightly.

  • I’m sick of all politicians!!!! You don’t know who to trust!! We need and I pray we get the Convention of States activated. We are getting closer and closer. Join up and help, it’s free. COSAction (

    Convention of States Action
    Article V offers the only constitutional solution as big as the problem. Together, we can end federal overreach.
  • Her neocon war mongering father Dick was also a Bush/RINO Demon! It's no longer about right/left/repub/dem it is clearly down to good VS evil. the global cabal PEDOPHILES are goin down!

  • She so needs to be ousted like now

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