My country of Lithuania has imposed very severe measures against people who do not have a Covid Pass.

How severe?

• You're banned from large supermarkets.
• Banned from non-essential stores.
• Banned from restaurants.

And a lot more.

Here's what has happened:

Lithuania is a small EU country of 2.8 million people.

Lithuania introduced a Covid Pass in May. It's called the Opportunity Pass.

The Opportunity Pass allows you the opportunity to participate in society.

Without the Opportunity Pass, you don't have opportunity: your rights are restricted.

The government app shows the fun you'll have participating in the opportunities of society if you have the Opportunity Pass.

There is no illustration of life for people without the Pass.

In August, Lithuania passed a law to restrict the rights of people who don't have the Covid Pass.

Other countries are moving in that direction.

In Lithuania, it's already in force: all restrictions are already fully effective, and enforcement is strict.

Without a Pass, you may not enter any shopping center or large supermarket.

At the entrances, people queue in line to be verified.

Guards scan the Pass of each person. If you have a valid Pass, the light flashes green and beeps. Then you may enter.

No Pass, no entrance.

Without a Pass, you may only shop in small stores which mainly sell food, pharmaceuticals, glasses and contact lenses, veterinary goods, or farming supplies.

You may not enter stores which mainly sell other products.

Without a Pass, you may not enter any restaurant, cafe, or bar.

Without a Pass, you may not enter banks or insurance companies, except for essential purposes - e.g., pensions or social benefits - where the service lasts no longer than 15 minutes.

Without a Pass, you may not visit patients in medical facilities or senior care/residential homes.

The only exception is for terminally-ill patients and children under 14 years of age, if the doctor gives advance permission.

Without a Pass, you may not enter indoor public events or spaces, such as conferences, fitness centers, or beauty services like hair and nails.

The Pass is in the form of a QR code.

Most people get it on their phones thru e-banking/e-signature.

Those without phones can get a paper printout.

Officials launched a re-vaccination program in September.

Seniors began receiving third dose boosters last week. The whole population will follow afterwards.

The Vice-Minister of Health stated:
"We are likely to start the fourth and fifth booster shots in several months."
My country was occupied by the USSR, 1944-1990.

We fought for - and won - independence.

Hundreds of thousands of people took real risks opposing Soviet tyranny.

On one day, 30% of the entire population joined hands to form a 675-km chain in support of freedom.

Our population now is apathetic about losing freedoms previous generations fought for.

We battled Soviet propaganda and "Show me your documents!" authoritarianism,only to acquiesce to media-led propaganda and technocratic health authoritarianism of "Show me your Covid Pass!"
Principled Covid Pass opposition is caricatured as conspiracy-theorist, anti-vaxxer. Honest debate is dismissed.

Mainstream leaders - politicians, officials, media, educated elite - openly wish death upon opponents of the Pass "so we can finally end this pandemic".

Under Soviet occupation, political dissent was suppressed, news was censored.

Now, we've returned to a regime of censorship - this time, enforced by mob rule rather than government.

Principled opponents don't speak freely. Fear of the mob makes people censor themselves.

By my count, 14 of the 27 EU countries now have domestic Covid Pass restrictions.

But Lithuania is much further along than most.

Other countries are planning restrictions such as broad bans on supermarkets and all non-essential shopping.

Here, it's already reality.

The current reality in Lithuania foreshadows the future that faces other countries if they continue down the path of Covid Pass restrictions: Europe, the US, the UK, Australia, Canada...

To me, this should be a global news headline:
"Lithuania bans citizens from society. Other EU countries following soon."

But there's virtually no reporting in English about this massive change in society.

Or about the hatred and de-humanization which has resulted.

My wife and I have 2 kids. She's pregnant with our third.

We're very ordinary. Not important, not connected. Together we earn 3000 eur/month: not rich, not poor.

My favorite activity is foraging wild mushrooms in the forest with my family (the chanterelles are heavenly!)

I've never cared about politics before Covid. Never been to a protest in my life. Never been involved in activism.

In short, I'm not political.

But I am moral.

And the Covid Pass regime is a deep moral wrong.

My wife and I refuse to be caricatured as crazed anti-vaxxers.

We are not illiterate, innumerate, or anti-science.

We do not believe in conspiracy theories.

Vaccines have saved millions of lives: smallpox,polio, measles...

And Covid vaccination can be beneficial for many people. It's a personal medical decision for each individual in consultation with a doctor.

What we strongly oppose is the coercion of the Covid Pass regime.

There are legitimate reasons for restricting the rights of citizens when society itself could be destroyed.

Covid is a deadly disease. But it is not an existential threat which justifies ripping apart our society.

The Covid Pass regime is vindictive, intended to punish.

In just a few months, the new rules have turned my country into a two-tier society of discrimination and hate.

Restriction by restriction, it is shredding the bonds that hold us all together in one society.

My wife and I have lost our rights as citizens.

We are not allowed to shop, eat out, get our hair cut, or go to the bank, gym, or library. We were both suspended from our jobs.

This is deeply wrong.

Our leaders encourage hatred of us.

Our countrymen openly wish for our death.

And it's all amplified by the media and cheered on by likes and retweets.

This is deeply wrong.

Othering. Discrimination. Blame for disease. Accusation of wartime betrayal. Incitement. Hatred. Persecution.

This is not a history textbook. This is the reality of life for my family in 2021.

Our humanity has been erased.

This is wrong.

So deeply, deeply wrong.

There is a lot of fear around us, and fear leads to anger.

But we shouldn't let that fear control us.

We shouldn't let that fear make us forget who we are as individuals.

A mob may say that people without a Covid Pass should be banished from society.

A mob may wish for hate and death.

But as individuals, people would never accept this de-humanization of their families, friends, and neighbors.

In Lithuania, the Covid Pass is already a reality.

But other countries around the world are very quickly moving down the same path.

Lithuania's Covid Pass regime is a harbinger of what will happen everywhere if enough people don't unite in principled opposition.

With this message, I hope to reach people not as a mob, but as individuals.

I hope to show people - as individuals - the reality of life in a Covid Pass regime.

Because I hope - and truly believe - that as individuals, we will recognize the inhumanity and unite to stop it.

I'm not social media savvy. I only joined Twitter this week solely to share info on the Covid Pass regime.

I dont want recognition, money, or credit.

My only goal is to reach people with this message.

I'm just an ordinary man trapped in a Kafkaesque world of mind-numbing absurdity.

So I'd be grateful for your help to share this message so that together, we can unite to stop this madness.

And then I can forget about Covid Pass regimes and get back to my wild mushrooms.🙂

If you want to know more, I wrote a detailed article about Lithuania's Covid Pass regime and its effects on my family.

The article contains my contact info as well as links to government websites for verification of all restrictions described here.…


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  • Proverbs 24:11. Mark 10:46-49. Something to contemplate. Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The entire world going crazy, got to be more in this vaccine they're not telling us

  • The blame belongs with Leftist Extremists in government, BUT, it also lies with the vaccinated who instead of being grateful for their freedom to choose , prefer to attack others for exercising THEIRS. If vaccines and masks actually WORKED, the vaccinated would have nothing to fear, they would be protected, and have no cause to abuse those who are unvaccinated. This is NOT about anyone's health, this is about CONTROL, PUNISHMENT for failing to follow illegal mandates, and conditioning to accept Communism. So, some of the blame also lies with the anti-vaxxers, who are failing to push back, to unite and repay Force with Force. Make NO mistake folks, this vaccine is a danger in a million different ways, and time will prove the devastating health and social effects as we watch the vaccinated become severely ill and die. As we see the unvaccinated persecuted in heinous ways and freedom disappear completely. This is not a Conspiracy Theory, this is TRUTH, Reality, and a warning to every human on earth. Wake up, while you still CAN.

    • "The blame belongs with the Leftist Extremists in government", very true.....but!

      The blame belongs to the people who for decades watched this unfold and did nothing, people who voted blindly for a name that was familiar, people who got too busy and looked the other way as we all shrug our shoulders and said.....nothing will happen to the guilty in government, they always get away with it, then we forget about the crime. We equesqued, not demanding the guilty get punished, we put up with it. Remember "for good people to do nothing"?

      You are correct about the vaccine, we don't know yet what it will do, we rushed into it without realizing the affects that are yet to reveal themselves, and since even those how are pushing it know it is un affective, why push it, what is the real reason they want even those with natural immunity to take it?

  • We are being controlled by the Deep State Globalists. Spreading total Fear with their Lies. The Fake Vaccine is a Death Jab. The Dr. That Treated President Trmp, Rudy Guiliani and several thousand other People call it a Death Jab. Says 80% of those that get it will be dead in 2 years and giving it to your Children is Child Sacriface.

  • Each and every day, more of our Major Cities pass Ordinances barring anyone without "Full Immunity Vaccination" from entering any buildings but for groceries and to pick up "Fast Food." More of our Major Transportation Means bar those without "Full Immunity Vaccination." How much longer before those without "Full Immunity Vaccination" are forced to dwell in caves living on discarded rags and others garbage as in the "Lepers Colonies" during the time of Christ?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • REVELATION 13: 15-18

  • Read Revelation in the Bible, Christ is coming soon!!!

  • This is what the Marxist wants to bring to our country 

  • Shame on Lithuania (an otherwise lovely country) to forget what it was like under Communism and now they are just as bad as before!  Hitler and Stalin would be proud of their current politicians!

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