• A Government of criminals will protect our country how?

  • Thing is Biden and his lackys do not see these things as controversies or crises.  They see them as accomplishments.

    • Prager is correct, "whatever the left touches they ruin"!

  • .....and taking back the house and the senate is just a start, we must replace every communist on all levels of government, from our cities to the WH, and pay special attention to judges.....looks like they decide our future more often than not!

  • "Let's do this!" Stand up and Fight at the polls. democraps will try to take our voting rights AWAY. They will do anything to keep TRUMP out including taking voting away....

  • this is a mess

  • Next May, "Primary." Following November, Election! " Not so long a period if One keeps busy working very hard promoting candidates who have "Ideals" similar to One's own, with money and most importantly, time.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Great advice, we have to work hard to find the America 1st candidates and not settle for less.

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