Linn Wood Indicates that Jeffrey Epstein is Alive

514Blog | 'Epstein Didn't Kill Himself'...Christmas Sweaters?

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  • Even more good news for the SUNSHINE DISINFECTANT FOLKS.   The Burisma, Ukraine folks are singing like a bunch of golden throated canaries on all the BILLIONS they stole/laundered, and acquired fraudulently.   Gee where did I hear that term before???   Ballots maybe.

  • All the Q analysis I see says the crimes must fully play out to be addressed.


    Trust The Plan is said over and over.


    There is too much going on for everyone to absorb at once and a big surprise is coming at just the right time.


    Thea Hogue advises to prepare because a lot of pain is coming.  Thea is a friend of Michael Flynn.


    So, get prepared for some craziness and you might want to look her up for that advice.

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    • Howdy B-man!

      I am thinking that the Linwood remark is not so much for us, but that it is intended to cause a dump in NWO britches with little globalists. I hope it does.

      But between you and me, the two images have interesting non-similarities.

      • One is an rotated image of a upright man, the other man horizontal (lighting highlights/shadows and the first man stares straight ahead).
      • One is of a younger man, the other somewhat older.
      • The skin folding seems differant not accountable to body position (the eyelids).
      • And of course the possibilities of Photoshop depending on the skill of the manipulator.

      Still, the idea of Epstein alive, breathing, squealing and vexing the hell out of NWO technocrats with the fearful possibilities is very pleasing indeed.

      Congrats To Professional Builder's 40 Under 40 Award Winners -

      Linn Wood Indicates that Jeffrey Epstein is Alive
      I am fully aware of the onslaught of attacks being made against me based on my revelations about Chief Justice John Roberts. Before attacking me, may…
    • Not the same. Not the ear, not the nose, not the eye nor the fat under the eye.

    • Have to admit, that's definitely not the same schnoz.

  • This statement of Mr. Linwood surprises me. Keeping focus on the Presidents current issue is paramount. But I cannot help but notice that such a possibility could cause New World Order operatives to fly into a panic in uncertainty............if their assassins did not faithfully report success. 

    Did the killers do so?

    Anyway, The upshot remains the January 6 event.

    • AGREE


      Every time we ask that IT DOES.

  • I wish Scalia was alive.

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