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  • There are more videos of more Democrats supporting those that were burning and destroying private properties.

  • THIS is exactly WHY I'M very seriously considering leaving the GOP ranks. As important as this has been ever since the first Kangaroo Court  Impeachment, the GOP has NEVER taken this as seriously as they should've. It just proves to me that the GOP backed Trump just like the Dems did.  Lindsey Grahamnesty sent in to the Lions Den to threaten the Lions w/ a Rubber Ducky!? pulleezee! 
    I have invested my time and actions for the GOP since Goldwater, and todays' fools leave me shaken' my head. WTF has happened to my Party?

    • I am leading that wauy myself Dave I am fed up with the GOP and the communist, socialist Democrats.


  • The thieves and fraudsters are attempting another impeachment of Trump because he IS the president...


  • Sick of this stupidity.  All I hear on the "Consrevitive" news is talk about what the F*****g dems have said or done or what ever. All the republic-cons do is defend if they even have the balls to do that.  We need to be on the OFENSEVE!  Make the naritive, scream the truth, attack, attack, attack. Morons!  Time for the 10mil+ to form up and take our country back!  Time is ticking.

  • Don't just threaten! Do it anyway! Do it even if demonrats are careful. Take them down, Lindsay! Show some backbone and kill off the illegal presidency, and all opposition to we the people!

  • Don't threaten, just do it.  If they play dirty, we play with even more dirt.  Why are the Republicans need to be the nice guys,  look where it got you!  Bring up anything and everything about her and Biden and his colossal thieving - show the video where he laughs about witholding money from the Ukraina unless they fire the attorney who is digging into son's criminal activities.  No more nice!

  • The Dems will play the system.  Congress cannot impeach one of its own members.  If the Constitution allowed that, it would allow the House to impeach a Senator and breach the separation between the two Houses.  Each House of Congress has autonomous control over its own members, but not through impeachment.

    But it is certainly true that various Dems have aided and abetted insurrection.

    The only mistake made on 6 January, a day history will note as either the start or the end of the Second American Revolution, is that after Congress abandoned the Capitol the People voluntarily left the building, peacefully.  We now know that the People should have refused to leave until the Members returned to their posts and defended the election against the Dem fraud.   

  • Lindsey Graham is a two-faced double speaking backstabber to the Republican Party.

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