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Quite a bit of attention today to a release of information by Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham [LINK HERE].  However, missed in most reviews is a duplicitous motive for Graham to claim “the primary source for the Steele dossier was likely a Russian agent.”

In essence, Graham is promoting a defense previously explored by James Comey that investigative elements of the FBI were duped by a Russian disinformation campaign; and as a consequence their investigative efforts were done under the most honorable of motives, but they were just tricked by Russians.  Ergo, see the Russians did interfere in the election.

That’s the justification narrative, and now Lindsey Graham has positioned everyone to support it; because the alternative is the DOJ and FBI knew it was Russia-centric and were coordinating to achieve a goal provided by the use of that disinformation campaign as purposefully fed by Chris Steele.

Just to drive home the point: the FBI wasn’t duped.  The FBI knew all along the Steele Dossier was a bunch of junk nonsense from political opposition research; but they needed it, to underscore the Carter Page FISA…. which they needed to justify the surveillance.


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  • WOW, WOW this the Clinton for you.

  • Schiff always knew! He doesn't care! He never did‼️
    He, and they, only care how much damage they could inflict, which was a lot⁉️

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