• From the 5 : Gutfeld couldn’t believe his ears when Juan Williams made the bizarre, senseless claim that dummy biden is doing a good job, and was joined by co-host Jesse Waters in criticizing him for making blatantly political claims.

  • It is being done on purpose. He has overturned just about anything good that DJT did.... Done nothing to protect the animals either.

    The faster this POS gets out of the WH will be better for all.

  • Not for Chinese it's not.

  • It's a fact that Trump made America great again: people found work, the economy was booming, and the budget deficit was under control. Look what we got now! High unemployment, a floundering economy and a huge budget deficit. Thank's for nothing, Biden and demonrats!

  • To Quote Obama when asked why he had'nt endorsed Biden... quote: "Joe has the ability to Fck-up everything".

  • Graham, cry me a river you back stabbing traitor. Were were you and that other sellout fom South Carolina, Tim Scott on Jan 6, 2021?. Oh, that's right. you were both stabbing President Trump in the back while you were cutting your deep state deals AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE.

    Graham and Scott should both be in the execution line at Gitmo for treason.

  • If he realizes that fact, then he's partly to blame for not correcting the stolen election. And Beijing Biden is NOT President, either.

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