Obamagate' brings in debate back on Pulitzer Prizes - Organiser

Graham and his staff kept Republican members of the Judiciary Committee in the dark about an interview of key Russiagate figure Joe Pientka on Thursday, multiple sources told The Federalist.

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and his staff kept Republican members of that committee in the dark about a pivotal interview of key Russiagate figure Joe Pientka, multiple sources familiar with Thursday’s proceedings told The Federalist.

Graham and his committee investigative staff, helmed by chief investigative counsel Zach Somers, did not inform Republican members of the committee about the interview, multiple Judiciary Committee sources told The Federalist. Even Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), who has sought an interview with Pientka since 2018, was not told about Thursday’s interview, according to a spokesman for his office.

“Sen. Grassley’s staff was not aware this interview was happening,” a spokesman for the Iowa senator said. He added that Grassley and his staff had been “interested in speaking with Pientka for a while.”

“We were not informed” of the interview of Pientka, another top aide to a Republican senator on the Judiciary Committee told The Federalist.

Pientka, a career FBI agent who voluntarily agreed to be interviewed by Senate investigators on Thursday, is at the center of multiple investigations of FBI abuses during the course of the bureau’s anti-Trump investigations both before and after the 2016 elections. Pientka was the agent who in August of 2016 used a fake so-called “defensive briefing” to spy on Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, and Chris Christie during the heat of the presidential campaign. Pientka, along with fired former FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, was also part of the illegal ambush interview of then-White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in January of 2017.

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  • A haughty and arrogant man!

  • Sorry folks for such a outburst that is not professional at all, but I just hate that photo of Obama.  Such a pious bastard...and to think what he tried to do to our country is more than I can handle.  It was a deliberate act on him and the sick party he belonged to that got under my skin sooooo bad.   So yes I agree with most comments here that Lindsey Graham has been a RINO for some time now.  He is the poster child if there ever was one, for the argument of "term limits."  What is the reasoning behind everyone - the press, Congress, any President, have never taken up this issue even for discussions, and all seam to want to ignore it all together.  Go figure......

  • Lindsey Graham was buds w John McCain. Don't forget that. He speaks w a forked tongue.  Unfortunately he's heading a vital Committee. He's the Dems Ace in the hole that will give them all a pass.

  • Graham is shine on one side and rot on the other.

  •  Lindsey Graham is corrupt and just another extorted Republican Senator and puppet for the Democrat Party. Once again he plays to his senatorial bedfellows in the DNC. Another example of an overtenured , spineless Senator. Talks the talk but can't walk the walk!

  • Pure and simple.   He is part of Shadow Gate, therefore he is slow walking the investigation!

  • Graham talks a good talk on the mainstream media but I don't trust him as far as I can drop kick him. He and his buddy McCain, rest his soul, have been complicit by their inaction in the successes of the Marxist Democrats over the last several decades.

    • Spot on.

      BTW, I hope mcstain is rotting in hell.

  • I think the hammer is coming down on the demonrats in a big October surprise. 

  • Graham, yeah, when the Republicans did tax reform in the '90's he instituted change that resulted in 44 million people not paying taxes and millions receiving money back. He took the "family values" ideas from Republicans and turned it into marxism. It was income redistribution at a level that the Democrats could never get away with.

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