Lindell Counter-Suing Dominion, Alleges Racketeering

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is filing two lawsuits against Dominion Voting Systems in which he’s alleging racketeering and the abuse of the U.S. legal system.

During an interview with former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon on Monday, Lindell said he’s counter-suing Dominion in response to lawsuits over alleged defamation by the company in an election fraud debate.

Last month, Dominion filed the lawsuit against Lindell over his assertion of large scale voting fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The MyPillow CEO said Dominion is trying to shut down free speech in America.

“What Dominion did is violate the rights of everyone in this country by using bullying lawsuits and RICO law,” he stated. “Basically, what they’re saying to news outlets is: if you let this guy on we’re going to sue you. That’s racketeering. That goes back to the mafia days.”

Lindell went on to highlight how Dominion launched a campaign to block anyone who held similar opinions regarding the election from social media and news outlets. The counter-lawsuits will be filed in coming days to hold Dominion accountable for its actions.

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    • Mary, not afraid, COMPLICIT!!!!!!!!!!


    • With God on his side? He just might be the victor! Personally. I think we're in end times. How else can you explain all the good being vanquished from EVERYTHING? They stole and STILL ARE stealing our children on us. Public Ed. is now a leftists false claim of plausable deniability for both mental and physical RACE BASED CHILD ABUSE, That's OUR CHILDREN. We need a bunch of angry moms to go eviscerate their local school boards for MESSING WITH YOUR CHILDRENS MINDS.

    • Not end times Phil. The Left has opened Pandora's Box and they will go down!!

  • Sure hope he wins. Depends on wether he get a corrupt Judge or one who adheres to the Law. 

    • Shirley Williams

      I'm beginning to believe the term "honest judge"  is a misnomer.  In fact during the last election cycle it DID NOT EXIST!   But we must also understand the term "fair election" doesn't exist either!  So, when we have the courts against us, the press against us and election boards against us where do we go?  I hate to say this but I guess we are going to have to run for office!  I did it once and I can tell you, in my opinion, it isn't fun at all!  I think if I was as crooked as the democrat I ran against I might have stood a chance.  Sadly, when a candidate starts citing the Constitution against a communist democrat, while in a democrat city, the odds are not favorable!  


  • Go Mike!!!

  • Go for it  Mike !  

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