• That's for certain.

  • WE THE PEOPLE are now on death ground if we refuse to get on our knees.


    Many of us old curmudgeons have lost all propensity toward being subservient to the dictates of the lying elite on the left!
    Is it not time for WE THE PEOPLE to force the government back into its constitutional boundaries of being small, weak, and meek?
    The government has no inherent power. WE THE PEOPLE loan the government a small amount of our power so our servants can keep the paperwork up to date. WE THE PEOPLE can take back that power at any time!

    • In theory, we hold the power.  In fact, they hold the guns and the data and the surveillance and all the resources and they control the border where for the last 31 years they have been letting tens and tens of  millions illegal immigrants in to replace us, the native population.  So yeah, it's past time for us to force something.  The question is how and who will lead it/us.

  • Where in hell was the Justice Department in Wisconsin????  Can't wait until the Republicans take over and clear up the voting mess. First the Country must rid itself of the Rinos and the Liberal Communist Democrats. Trump must be elected again and again make America Strong.

    • If we rid ourselves of RINOs and DEms that leaves just only the Freedom Caucus and you and I.

    • The Wisconsin legislature has tried to take several steps to review the election situation here and several bills have passed both the State House and Senate; the problem is a very lazy, dishonest, unethical Governor who vetoes the bills.  Unfortunately the Republicans don't have enough votes to overturn the veto.  


  • MSM will not touch this. Would raise too many questions!!! 

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