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  • I do NOT believe that Mike Pence is involved, the others I'm sure of!

    • I hope you are right, but cannot afford to place all hope in a man.


  • At this point, I now look over the deal maker.

    No one could be this clueless, and

    No patriot would employ such reckless brinksmanship for a long term goal.

  • Only missed it if you were sleeping...............Or stupid..

  • Is Mike Pence going to do the right thing? Or is he going to stab President Trump in the back? If he sells out, he is finished!

    • It appears as if Pence is going to fold and allow the Biden electors.  The suit was denied on grounds that the Plaintiffs lacked "standing".  The issues WERE NOT ADDRESSED. This is EXACTLY THE SAME WAY every court in the nation has denied the suits of the Trump legal teams.  The Deep State conspiracy in Washington appears to include Pence and McConnell.  They will NOT address the issues, but let the criminals take office as if this was an ordinary election.  

      Pence appears to be a 2-face man of EVIL.  

  • Not Mike Pence!  

  • Stop the Steal

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    • Thanks for the names to aim myself at.

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