Lin Wood, an independent Attorney, has filed a second lawsuit in Georgia, this one a 188-page lawsuit, with affidavits pointing to massive election fraud, to stop the certification of the election results for the 2020 Presidential election based on evidence of fraud, and Wood wants a full hand recount in Georgia.

From Wood’s lawsuit:

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    We wrestle not against flesh and blood... the weapons of our warfare are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds.

    EVERY tyranny we are facing from the Covid plandemic to the Great Reset originates in the drive for their DEMONIC NWO/one world gov/North American Union agenda. Pray is striking the winning blow and service is picking up the pieces. We are fighting goliath. The media putting out a steady drumbeat of lies that so many believe and sadly even some Christians.  

    As Diana West said, this is our hill. We won't come back from 4 yrs of globalists in control. After Trump they are working with a vengeance. 

    We need to let the quisling globalist R's (Rockefeller wing) that if they don't stand up for our votes and the president we elected we will never vote for another Republican again.The "lincoln project" is the Rockefeller wing wanting control over the party again.


    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years......It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

    ― David Rockefeller


    • Anna, you are right, the globalists are using this coronavirus hoax to take control of the entire planet.  They intend to implement the New Worl Order and enslave all of us.  This is why the VOTE FRAUD is so rampant, they need mr. dementia to replace President Trump because Trump has thrown a kink into their plans and they know that 4 more years will give Trump time to finish them off here.

  • I have NO DOUBT that the gop establishment deep state is involved.  mitty the poo, mcconnell, graham, collins, murkowski, cornyn, sasse, and others are TRAITORS!!!!!  they hope satan and soros will give them riches and a seat at the table of tyranny so they can rule before they are cast into the Lake of Fire!!!!!

    • So correct!  Many wolves in "sheep clothing"!!  I don't trust but a few.  Never will surrender to socialistic leftis and globalists!  I will fight this as I can... do my best for our children and grand-kids!  Freedom has never been free.  Honoring all the soldiers who have given their all for America!  This, I can say, that it will not be in vain for those who have served and are serving!  Media is the enemy, and the left is trying to bring people against one another, so they can have "free reign" in the new world order.. Never, as far as I am concerned!!  The fight for Freedom has begun, as we must protect everything we believe in... God, Family and America!! 

    • Heike, Marsha Blackburn, Ted Cruz , Marco Rubio, and Ted Lee are good.  Not sure about any others but there are some I don't know anything about.  I served and am proud to have done so.  I too will do all I can to prevent my descendents from living under tyranny. 

    • So many others are turn-coats.. ofcourse that is being funded by Soros.. padding their pockets, and once they sell their souls to this devil there is no turning back.  We have God at our side, as does President Trump.  I keep prayers constant for the safety of us all, but if it be willed I am not afraid to be called home.  Until that time, I will continue on.  Thank you for serving Bob. 


    • Heike, again you are right on the button.  soros, bill gates, warren buffet, jeff bezos, michael bloomberg, zuckerberg, and other globalist billionaires are part of it also.  They expect their money to buy them position and it probably will until Jesus comes back to destroy them in the final battle.  I pray daily for the nation, President Trump, and God's people asking that He stave this off for a while longer.  Judgment is coming and I am glad I won't be here.  I will be taken in the rapture if not murdered by the deep state first.  I don't fear death because I know what my eternity will be.  I will do what I can to hold off the globalists.  I am very disabled from a stroke so physical resistance is limited.

    • Bob, did you happen to read about how the leaders in countrys like Europe, Spain and many more are trying to close them down.. claiming the "virus" is to blame..  The media is not mentioning it, and it's hush, hush.. The people are uprising and don't want their whatever freedom they have, to be taken away, and the Gov. of those countrys want to shut them down.  One video on this site, showed the police at a standoff, and out of the blue, the police started taking of their helmets as a peace jesture, one by one..  The people cheered with joy.  As everyone showed unity and brotherhood.  So ofcourse our evil media doesn't mention it.  But we need to come together, as Americans and do the same.  There are way more of us, then there are of them!!  They do use people to fight amongst themselves!  We are used as their pawns...  The propaganda they scream is nothing but evil lies!!  

    • yes, I saw that but our Pravda/Gobbels propagandists are ignoring it because they don't report news they just spout marxist propaganda.

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