Lin Wood, an independent Attorney, has filed a second lawsuit in Georgia, this one a 188-page lawsuit, with affidavits pointing to massive election fraud, to stop the certification of the election results for the 2020 Presidential election based on evidence of fraud, and Wood wants a full hand recount in Georgia.

From Wood’s lawsuit:

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  • Frankly, no, I would not be surprised if so-called Republicans colluded with the democrats; there are always "rinos" and others suffering TDS!  What does surprise me is the lameness of their excuses, when they are questioned about their "perceived problem".  That said, I do suspect their treason means "money" in their pockets.

  • It goes past the RINOS to treason then to war.

    • Van, I hope it desn't come to war.  I have the training and experience but am very disabled

    • Even a nondiscript war is not peacefull.

  • Not only ready, but champing at the bit!

  • mr. dementia bragged on video before the election that they have the best vote fraud organization in history.  I don't doubt it one bit, they succeeded, at least so far.

  • That applies to every state that there is cause to verify the votes.

  • THis entire election is wrought with FRAUD. The Supreme Court--- must allow verification of ballots and signatures addresses need to be verifed are the voters alive the voters must be citizens who voted ONE TIME NOT MULTIPLE TIMES

    • Notably. the FEC commissioner has already, publicly, stated he feels the entire election is ILLIGITIMATE!!

  • We will never surrender our country to a socialist government.

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