Diamond And Silk on Watters World March 24 2018

Diamond and Silk, the internet celebrities and sisters who were among the first African Americans to embrace Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, were offered $150,000 to dump Trump and endorse another candidate, they reveal in their upcoming book.

The duo, often seen with Trump in the White House and on the campaign trail, said that the offer treated them as if “we were token blacks,” and they never considered it.

“Token blacks do what they’re told to do. We’re Diamond and Silk. We’re not token blacks, and we don’t owe anybody anything,” wrote Diamond.

“You got that right,” said Silk, adding, “No amount of money would have stopped us from stumping for Donald J. Trump.”

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  • 2 very smart women. God bless them! Thank you ladies for having more class than the whole of the idiot left.

  • Thank you ladies. The Dims have been using blacks as far back as i can remember. But not you!!!

  • Great ladies...

  • Good for them!!!

  • My beautfiful wife and I simply addore Diamod and Silk and we both highly recomend their new book "Uprising" it proves beyond the shadow of reasonable doubt that President Trump's thesis that education is the civil rights of the 21st century!! Please read the book these ladies are naturaly brilliant!! Could you imagine what they would be like if they had a decent education?

  • Thanks girls.

  • Sorry...meant to say I'm a PROUD American, same as you are!

  • Bravo for you, ladies! I'm prohd to be an American right along with you!

  • Good for Diamond and Silk. Like the rest of us, they support Trump no matter what and they don't need any monetary benefit for doing so. They do it for the love of their country like any real patriot does.

  • They're not on fox anymore

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